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U.S. Patent for Determining Resonant Frequency of DNA

There is substantial research on frequency effects on cells and pathogens. Unfortunately, none of it seems to get back those manipulating Wikipedia as most alternative approaches to conventional medicine, including frequencies, are asserted to be pseudoscience on Wikipedia without supporting evidence or with careful selection of limited evidence to support a biased position.

Unfortunately, the military suppresses thousands of patents, some of them highly relevant to advanced frequency applications for security reasons. Some of this work has come into the public domain through useful devices such as the Advance Biophoton Analyzer (ABPA). Fortunately, there is a fundamental patent below, published by the U.S. Patent Office that everyone interested should read. In addition, there are more than a dozen supporting approved patents that are worthy of further study.

Medical applications do not move into the clinical trail stage until very late in the process and the majority of new treatments and medical devices are not yet in the clinical trial stage. For some treatments and devices, clinical trials are not appropriate. About 85% of conventional treatment today has not been through the clinical trial process. Even worse, data is regularly compromised in the leading medical journals because of drug company sponsorship of research. Those who read the journals will have read the scathing editorials on this subject, for example, in the New England Journal of Medicine.

There is however, one useful patent in the public domain and those Wikipedia writers asserting this is pseudoscience would implement this patent and test it in their own labs if they were not funded by vested interests that do not want this research to come to light. Many university researchers have published positive results on using frequencies and some of this research is scattered throughout this blog.

Charlene Boehm has a patent on calculating resonant frequencies of DNA strands. She has provided some of the frequencies for certain pathogens that have been added to Frequency Foundation documents and has a web site now with frequency sets. See DNA Pathogen Frequencies.

United States Patent 7,280,874
Charlene Boehm, October 9, 2007
Methods for determining therapeutic resonant frequencies


Methods are provided for readily and efficiently determining resonant frequencies that can be used therapeutically or beneficially, for debilitation of specific types of genomic materials, including DNA and/or RNA, genes, and gene sections. The methods can be used in a variety of circumstances related to various human and animal diseases and conditions. Methods allow determination of therapeutic resonant frequencies for use in various media having different refractivities. Therapeutic or beneficial resonance frequencies thus determined are adapted for use with currently available frequency-emitting devices by shifting resonant frequencies to electromagnetic ranges capable of generation by such devices.