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Jeff Sutherland

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Fukushima Radiation Frequencies Version 2.0

Fukushima Radiation Frequencies Version 2.0 has several updates that adjust frequencies based on hair analysis at the Frontier Medical Institute in Colorado. These are posted on Frequency Foundation subscribers site.
Bad or no data from the Japanese government has led citizens to take radiation monitoring into their own hands. See for latest information on radiation levels.
Those individuals with a Hadoscan in many parts of the world periodically see a radioactive complex in their system that includes uranium, copper, lead, DDT, hexochlorophenol, and castoreum. This causes both internal symptomology and external skin itching and lesions. This may be the cause of hair loss on Alaska Airlines crew members. A review of lesions on the skin of Alaska Airlines pilots identified a specific frequency in this series.
The most common frequencies for these radiation effects are available (there may be other isotopes of some of these elements). Drink plenty of water as these frequencies will flush materials out through your urinary tract.
The homeopathic remedy Carbo Vegitabilis 30C is recommended along with the radiation frequencies.