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Carcinogenesis: Preventing it with electronic medicine

Update: This original Rife organism appears to be a necessary condition for cancer cells to survive. Eliminating this organism causes cancer cell death. There are many strains of this organism and it is very persistent.

As medical research advances, the strategy of systematically eliminating cancer cells with electromagnetic frequencies is entering the mainstream. A recent clinical trial showed clearly that low voltage application of frequencies destroys cancer cells, although their approach would need significant modification to be fully effective. Clinical trials have begun and electromagnetic frequencies have been approved by the FDA to treat certain tumor types. A remarkable video by Bill Doyle shows frequencies disrupting growth of cancer cells.

There are several steps to  dealing with cancer cells:
1. Nutritional and lifestyle factors described elsewhere are critical
2. Eliminate the Rife BX BY complex
3. Eliminate the Gregory cancer virus
4. Eliminate parasites that promote tumor growth
5. Disrupt glucose metabolism of cancer cells
6. Eliminate viruses that cause malignant cells
7. Target specific malignant cells for elimination

There is abundant epidemiological data from all over the world on cancer incidence for a wide variety of tumors in animal and human populations. My thesis advisor was Editor of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute in the late 1970s and early 1980s. He gave me a stack of over 300 papers from the medical journals with carcinogenesis dose reponse curves for many different species. All the curves looked different. He told me to explain why they were all different and he would give me a Ph.D. I then spent about 8 years doing supercomputer mathematical analysis of data on various types of cancer. The final data set I focused in on for publication was data from the Third National Cancer Survey which had complete coverage from many states in the U.S. and was the best available data at the time. My thesis advisor had led the survey and I had complete access to all data at the National Cancer Institute. The core model we developed is now the generally accepted model for carcinogensis. It was initially validated for colon cancer. See:
Sutherland, JV and Bailar, JC. The multihit model of carcinogenesis: etiologic implications for colon cancer. J Chronic Dis. 1984;37(6):465-80.

For most human cancers, the data clearly shows a four hit process. This can be visualized most clearly in skin tumors. An abnormal cell appears and begins dividing and creates a small patch on the skin. Within this lesion, a cell mutates, and you have a small patch growing within a patch. This happens a third time, then a fourth time. On the fourth genetic change, the cell breaks through the mechanisms that control proliferation and is malignant. It grows uncontrollably in a fifth phase, with the right promoting environment available, and can get into the bloodstream and migrate to other parts of the body causing metastases.

I have repeatedly seen the frequencies 2008 and 2127 appear in myself and others after eating certain food. I have been able to confirm that this has happened in most people who have eaten a specific meal. This is the BX and BY “virus” form of Rife’s organism. Today, this is not believed to be a virus and some think it is a mycoplasma. Recent DNA sequencing of organisms found in cancer cells showed them to be a fungus.

These organisms are clearly not a typical virus. They immediately go systemic throughout the entire body. And it originally took days of repeated treatment for long periods with the FSCAN and/or EM6+ to clear the body of them. With newer technologies they can be eliminate a lot faster.

However, more and more evidence is appearing that shows cancer cell frequencies are specific frequencies in a virus sequence. It appears that a virus disrupting the cellular machinery is one of the critical steps (but not the only step) that produces a tumor. Therefore, eliminating the relevant viruses is critical to prevent ongoing appearance of pre-malignant or malignant cells.

I have repeatedly seen non-malignant skin tumors grow quickly and in one case apparently become malignant in the presence of BX and BY. In the presence of this organism it is common to have tumors erupt in less than a day. This helps to explain an interesting aspect of my previous research in carcinogenesis. In some tumors, prostate for example, the data show that the first malignant cell appears 35 years before clinical diagnosis on the average. In a fast growing tumor like lung cancer, the first malignant cell appears about a year before clinical diagnosis. However, it is very common to see people go downhill extremely quickly after initial diagnosis. While some of this is undoubtedly due to the shock of the diagnosis and resultant depression of the immune system, it is aggrevated by the BX and BY virus. Much of conventional cancer treatment does not eliminate the virus and may even promote its growth.

So the BX and BY organisms are strong promoters of at least stage 3 (premalignant) and stage 4 (malignant) tumors and may even promote earlier stages. As indicated in the paper by Owens DM, Wei S, Smart RC. A multihit, multistage model of chemical carcinogenesis. Carcinogenesis, Vol. 20, No. 9, 1837-1844, September 1999, promotion of early phases of tumor initiation increases the cellular population at risk of mutating into a subsequent phase. This process happens so fast in the presence of BX and BY that I believe the Rife organisms are both promoters and mutagens.

The first approach to stopping proliferation of tumors must be to eradicate the BX and BY virus. Parasites also release substances that promote tumor growth so they must be eliminated as well. However, they are not as dangerous as BX and BY. I believe if everyone was monitored for BX and BY and the infection was eliminated immediately, we could significantly cut cancer incidence in the U.S., probably by more than 50%.

The fact that this information has been available for almost 100 years now shows how closed mindedness and suppression of innovation has compromised American medicine. This phenomenon has largely been driven by business interests, initially by a director of the AMA who was ultimately convicted of fraud and conspiracy for suppressing cancer therapies, and in more recent years by the pharmaceutical industry.

The tumors I have worked with (lung, cervix, skin, colon) have all had the presence of BX and BY which can be eliminated straight away. It is important to realize when targeting the BX and BY organisms with an electronic device that when you kill one strain, another strain proliferates and the frequency changes. These organisms have very stable frequencies around 2008 and 2127, however, and I have seen them deviate only by 3HZ at the most. It is important to eliminate all of them and you must have the exact frequency to 1HZ and this frequency may vary between 2003-2010 and 2125-2130. In recent years, the frequency set for BX BY has expanded to hundreds of frequencies.

Eliminating the BX and BY organism does not stop cells which have already reached stage 4 and are malignant. In fact, all malignant tumors will not show BX and BY present. They can continue to proliferate and metastasize without BX and BY. The best way to eliminate the malignant cells is to stop the ATP metabolism in these cells while leaving normal cells unaffected. This will prevent mitosis and the cancer cells will die a normal death without proliferating. This appears to be possible with frequencies in the 11,700,000 range. These frequencies also seem to stop mitosis of stage 3 cells as well. The data in the Gorgun paper shows how this is possible.

Gorgun SS. Studies on the Interaction Between Electromagnetic
Fields and Living Matter Neoplastic Cellular Culture. Frontier Perspectives 7:2:44-59, Fall 1998.

Stopping cellular mitosis requires the exact frequency. I have seen frequencies in the range 11,600,000 – 11,900,000HZ affect tumors. Different tumors of the same type (or perhaps cells in different stages) will have slightly different frequencies. Metastatic tumors will have different frequencies. They must all be eliminated systematically, one by one.

I believe that Rife was able to affect a “cure” in almost every case because his device running at 11,700,000 had enough variability and harmonics to stop mitosis in all relevant cells, even though their frequencies may have been slightly different. The curse of modern technology is that it is so precise, most people are unable to reproduce Rife’s work.

Richard Loyd had a machine some years ago that could treat directly at 11,700,000HZ. Most of us are not so lucky. I have found some success, however, in using the FSCAN to treat all the octaves of the exact frequencies in the FSCAN range from 10-3,000,000HZ. More recent FSCAN devices work in the 11-12MHZ range. Current frequency sets provided to Frequency Foundation subscribers go well over 30MHZ to target viral patterns in the bodies energy field. It will be difficult but not impossible, in my view, to stop all cellular mitosis using a Rife device that can only treat at less than 10,000HZ.

These comments represent a working hypothesis that has been successful in many cases and not as successful in rapidly growing tumors. It needs further research and new data may alter the working hypothesis. I present it so that others can take a look and see if they can produce the same results consistently.

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