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Update: Lyme Frequencies Version 11.0

Infected tick areas – American Lyme Foundation
Version 11.0 is the annual update of lyme frequencies that now consist of 30 independent programs with many thousands of frequencies. Documentation is included to help get started with these programs.
The American Lyme Disease Foundation has a new iPhone app that shows prevelance of infected ticks in your location. The Lyme disease application for iPhones has been developed by ALDF in collaboration with Yale School of Public Health and US Centers for Disease Control. 
“Lyme Disease Tick Map” became available on the Apple iTunes store on April 30, 2010 amid outstanding reviews. The application includes information on the abundance of infected ticks at the location of the user (within the US) as determined by GPS. If ticks are determined to be present, the user is given a list of precautions to avoid tick-bites. A tick identification chart is provided with life-size photos of black-legged ticks (also called deer ticks) so that each life stage can be determined, since some stages cannot transmit Lyme disease. If bitten by a tick, instructions on how to properly remove a tick are provided along with a narrated video. The application also provides life-sized photos of ticks at various stages of blood engorgement and advises patients to seek medical attention if a removed tick is determined to have been attached for 48 hours or longer. 
Lyme disease can be transmitted after 48 hours of feeding by an infected tick and most physicians will treat such patients with a short course of antibiotics to prevent Lyme disease. A panel of skin rash photos characteristic of Lyme disease, along with other symptoms, prompts users to seek immediate medical attention if they are infected. A physician locater finds doctors nearest to the user, again using GPS location, and provides the phone number and directions to each physician’s office. Content for the application was provided by Lyme disease researchers at Yale University in cooperation with the US Centers for Disease Control, the American, Academy of Pediatrics, the Infectious Diseases Society of America, and Intuwin, an applications development company based in New York City. It is available through the Apple iTunes Store for $1.99. Proceeds will be used for support the research and education mission of ALDF.
A new video “Under Our Skin” and its sequel show the devastating effect lyme disease is having in the U.S. Most people are unaware that lyme is becoming a global pandemic. Virtually everyone is infected with some lyme organisms and research on the video indicates that 100% of many patients with chronic diseases (multiple sclerosis, alzheimer’s, parkinson’s, etc.) are infected with the lyme borrelia spirochete. These frequency sets can help everyone as they have evolved to incorporate almost every major virus, bacteria, mycoplasma, and fungi (candida) circulating in the U.S. and European populations.
Thousands of updates have been added to the latest lyme frequency sets. In addition to new organisms, many earlier frequency sets have been expanded, and many of them updated to reduce herxheimer effects. There are now 30 programs in the complete lyme set.
Please send notes on any bugs you find to info@frequencyfoundation. com and the set will be updated as soon as possible. Frequencies are downloadable on the subscribers site as a ZIP file which includes documentation (PDF).
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