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Jeff Sutherland

Twice the Energy with Half the Stress

Frequency Surgery: Star Trek Technology in Israel

For all you pseudoscientists out there who don’t believe frequencies are the future of medicine, take a look at the latest surgery technique in Israel, totally based on sound frequencies.

About 10 years ago, at the MIT Future of Health Technology annual conference I demonstrated the use of the FSCAN to identify frequencies for pathogens and then use the same frequencies for eliminating the pathogens. I was moved to do this after a COMPAQ presentation of an ultrasound device that scanned the patient and then used ultrasound frequencies to heal the patient. This was the first commercial product that is the forerunner of Star Trek Tricorder technology. You scan and heal the patient with the same frequency device.

It is easier to bring sound frequencies into the operating room because ultrasound has gone through decades of clinical trials. Electromagnetic frequencies are in earlier stages and can be see in Bill Doyle’s Ted Talk on treating brain cancer with EMF in FDA clinical trials.