Fukushima Radiation Frequencies by Dr. Stone

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Radiation Complex, Spleen Reset and Polonium Complex
Due to the detrimental potential of what these programs address, I am releasing them with a “Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License”. This means that they may be used for non-commercial activities with proper attribution as to their source.
Frequencies are for research purposes only and may be helpful, harmful, or ineffective depending on how they are used. These programs may generate negative side effects in the form of Herxheimer reactions or other phenomenon and are only to be used by other researchers for experimentation at their own risk.

The Fukushima Radiation Complex continues to be of concern throughout the world. Here is one report of conditions. http://www.naturalnews.com/041610_Fukushima_radioactive_leak_state_of_emergency.html  Current information on radiation levels may be seen at maps.safecast.org.
After an exposure to the Fukushima Radiation Complex, this summer, countless hours have been spent learning how to effectively address removal of its components and the effects from them. While no claim of exhaustive research is made, the program and tips shared, are what one researcher has found helpful to date. These programs have been written with removal supports for most items. This is done for those with compromised detox systems, such as methylation deficits. There are many sites concerning methylation and MTHFR, but this one is a good place to start with great charts and information in one document.  http://www.heartfixer.com/AMRI-Nutrigenomics.htm
While this is a work in progress, here’s what is currently available.
Tips for successful elimination of the Radiation Complex
-Check that all avenues of elimination are fully open and working. Drink plenty of water to help flush materials from the body.
-Check for optimal mineral levels. Often stress of this sort can cause the spleen to flush, rather than, re circulate minerals. If so, see Spleen Reset below. Chlorophyll or other mineral supplements may also be used as needed.
-Additional helpful ways to eliminate or support elimination. I have not done extensive research here. This is what I have come across and found helpful. Muscle test to see what is most helpful in each situation. The goal is to find ways of accomplishing complete elimination. Check regularly to make sure what is used is actually doing this. Be persistent with support to eliminate this complex. Especially if you’ve had it on board for a while, the body has tucked it away in many places to protect you. It may take some time for the system to eliminate it all.
-Sauna is very helpful for most of this complex. Start with no more than 15-20 minutes, per sauna, per day, until it is determined how the body is handling this. (Sweating with exercise, while helpful in many ways, does not help remove this complex.)
-Hot baths may also be used with 1 cup each of Epson salts and baking soda, for approximately 40 minutes. Determine what is best for each individual. (Frequencies or sauna are much more effective.)
-Other helpful support supplements to check are-B-complex, algin, quercetin, pectin fiber or antioxidant formulas. (Potassium iodide, strontium and iodine may be helpful prior to exposure.) There are some professional line products that help eliminate most of the complex. Professionals may contact me for these suggestions. Non-professionals may seek specific assistance on an individual basis.
-Be aware that parasites can hold onto components of this complex. More of the complex may be released when they are addressed.
-After successful elimination of the Radiation Complex, radiation and uranium may still be in the bone marrow. Experimentation with supplemental Strontium shows that Strontium seems to push these out of the bone marrow. One per evening for up to a week or two may help accomplish this. Means used to eliminate these things should continue to be used after each Strontium capsule. Muscle test for appropriate speed and progress. (It has been suggested that longer term use of Strontium for bones should be accompanied by traditional bone supplements at another time of day, for strength, rather than, brittleness. Please do your own research regarding this.)
-Should Strontium be used, experimentation has shown that any polonium present in the bone marrow may also be pushed out. Should this be the case, a Polonium Complex has also been provided.
I would appreciate feedback on the use of anything here you may choose to try. I also welcome information regarding solutions other professionals are finding helpful. Working together, I believe, can only help us be more effective with these challenges.
Judy Stone ND
Root Basics, Private Wellness Membership Association
#Radiation Complex Version 1.0, 20130916
#Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License
#Copyright © 2013 Judy Stone ND, Root Basics, PWMA, IL, USA. All rights reserved.
Program c
Repeat 20
vbackfreq a 0.049787068 0 50
vbackfreq b 0.002478752 0 50
dwell 90
64769.1 #uranium a 20130731
10977.1 #uranium b 20130804
88707.1 #uranium rs1 20130804
19779.1 #uranium rs2 20130804
87789.1 #uranium rs3 20130805
19999.1 #uranium rs4 20130805
2282414.21 #radiation a 20120627
88900.1 #radiation b 20130718
88091.1 #radiation rs1 20130718
80988.1 #radiation rs2 20130718
90998.1 #DDT-a 20130221
99188.1 #DDT-b 20130221
80909.1 #DDT rs1 20130718
89919.1 #DDT rs2 20130719
19090.1 #DDT rs3 20130828
80709.1 #glyoxal a 20130717
80707.1 #glyoxal rs1 20130718
81709.1 #glyoxal rs2 20130718
88990.1 #glyoxal rs3 20130721
88918.1 #Diquat a 20130908
89819.1 #Diquat rs1 20130909
19908.1 #Diquat rs2 20130909
89709.1 #Diquat rs3 20130922
88981.1 #castoreum a 20130717
80701.1 #castoreum rs1 20130718
88089.1 #castoreum rs2 20130718
88997.1 #castoreum rs3 20130731
18117.1 #castoreum rs4 20130828
88808.1 #thioether a 20130812
10000.1 #thioether rs1 20130821
19718.1 #thioether rs2 20130821
21129 #hexachlorophenol 20130802
88819.1 #aluminum 20130702
Dwell 55
80799.1 #unknown metal w/radiation 12a 20130829
18090.1 #unknown metal w/radiation 12rs1 20130831
13391.1 #2 lead, plumbum metal 20130716
88000.1 #12a bile acid 20130627
88789.1 #12rs1 bile acid 20130801
332331 #20130731
Dwell 20
80189.1 #niobium metal 20130719
80800.1 #gb waste rs1-metabolic toxin 20130628
80078.1 #gb waste rs2-fat waste 20132629
80880.1 #gb waste rs3a-unk 20130701
89091.1 #gb waste rs3b-unk 20130702
label end
end repeat
#Spleen Reset Version 1.0, 20130916
#Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License
#Copyright © 2013 Judy Stone ND, Root Basics, PWMA, IL, USA. All rights reserved.
#Utilizing Uva Ursi herb daily for approximately 3 weeks has been found to be equally helpful.
#This program is designed to be used with F165, SG-1 and an appropriate digital photo of at least 3MB.
#Other frequency generation choices may require as much as an hour runtime to be equally helpful.
Program c
Dwell 1020
20199977 #spleen reset 20130810
#Polonium Complex Version 1.0, 20130916
#Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License
#Copyright © 2013 Judy Stone ND, Root Basics, PWMA, IL, USA. All rights reserved.
#repeat as needed
Program c
#polonium a 20130507
Backfreq a 10899.1 50
Dwell 600
89099.1 #polonium b 20130510
Backfreq a 0 0
Dwell 180
87717.1 #polonium rs1 20130531
19990.1 #polonium rs2 20130522
19909091 #polonium rs3 20130625
80909.1 #polonium rs4 20130822
Dwell 90
#holmium metal is often found with polonium or PCBs
11781.1 #Holmium-a 20130730
89198.1 #Holmium-b 20130730
88909.1 #Holmium-rs1 20130730
89979.1 #Holmium-rs2 20130801
88779.1 #Holmium-rs3 20130803
#13a bile acid 20130628 toxin
Backfreq a 80010.1 50
Dwell 300
88881.1 #13b bile acid 20130801
Backfreq a 0 0
Dwell 180
89978.1 #13 rs1 bile acid 20130808
80898.1 #13 rs2 bile acid 20130814

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