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Homeopathy No Longer Pseudoscience

Dana Ullman

Evidence Based Homeopath

J.D. Salinger and His Love for Homeopathic Medicine

Salinger and others who have used homeopathic medicines pre-date the evidence that has confirmed the persistence of nanoparticles of the original medicinal substance even after hundreds of dilutions. Researchers at India’s Institute of Technology (the most respected scientific governmental agency in that country) tested six different homeopathic medicines and using three different type of modern spectroscopy found nanoparticles of each substance, even after they were diluted 1:100 six times, 30 times, and 200 times (Chikramane, Kalita, Suresh, et al, 2012). They published their work in one of the most respected journal in the technical field of “material sciences,” a multidisciplinary field that integrates chemistry, engineering, and physics. What is highly significant about the power of nanoparticles is that it is widely acknowledged that many hormones and essential cell signaling agents in our body have profound physiological effects in a similar nanodose range (Eskinazi, 1999).

Eskinazi, D., Homeopathy Re-revisited: Is Homeopathy Compatible with Biomedical Observations? Archives in Internal Medicine, 159, Sept 27, 1999:1981-7.