Real Innovation: FDA Approves Frequency Device for Treating Cancer

Tumor Treating Fields – Adding Deta Elis to One’s Cancer Program

Posted by STAFF – Matheus on January 27, 2014 | Filed under Medicine
The portable device weighs about six pounds (three kg) and is used continuously throughout...
Tumor Treating Fields is the name given to low-intensity electrical fields emitted by a range of new medical devices. The FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) has approved subtle energy treatments for patients as an alternative to chemotherapy. The non-invasive treatment by Novocure uses “Tumor Treating Fields” (NovoTTF) to treat cancerous growths and is now available for adult patients with recurring brain tumors (recurrent glioblastoma or GBM). The treatment delivers electric fields to a patient utilizing a portable, wearable device that permits the patient to maintain normal daily activities without down time.
“Our device provides patients and physicians with a novel, non-invasive alternative to chemotherapy that is safe and effective,” said Eilon Kirson, M.D., Ph.D., Novocure’s Chief Medical Officer. “The device allows for continuous treatment without the usual, debilitating side effects that chemotherapies inflict on recurrent GBM patients and indirectly on their families.”

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