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Jeff Sutherland

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Swine Flu 2014 Release 2.1

Flu Predictor

This release incorporates dozens of updates and two nasty pathogens that have been recently found circulating with the 2014 swine flu. The flu circulating in the spring of 2014 has a long term persistent cough that can be quite debilitating and the flu season is lingering in many areas of the country.

The first new pathogen is HHV-6A which circulated with the 2010 swine flu and is back again. The second is a biofilm which infects joints and causes knee problems in some clients.

Watch out for coinfections from other biofilms, tuberculosis, or malaria. These in combination with the flu can be seriously debilitating and are more common than you might think due to global air travel.

The new Flu Predictor has been developed at Columbia University is useful for seeing the projected trend of flu infections in your area. See Flu Predictor news.

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