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Science That Works: Bioelectronic Medicine

Science That Works: Bioelectronic Medicine

20 years ago the Frequency Research Foundation started talking about electronic medicine. Scientific American reviews the latest research and calls it bioelectronic medicine. It works because electronic frequencies can cause the body to manufacture drugs.

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It takes 20 years for conventional science to catch up with research. You can send an electronic signature that conveys the same information that the physical drug provides without many of the negative side effects. The electronic signature of DNA can be sent over the internet and DNA in a distance lab will self-construct in a test tube with the basic ingredients. CRISPR which does DNA editing creates many errors when done with viruses yet electromagnetic frequencies allow much more precise gene editing. All of these findings are published in leading medical journals. Most physicians are not even aware of them and none of them have reached the clinical trial phase at the time of this writing.

The Spooky 2 site offers an easy way to convert the molecular weight of a drug to frequencies without knowing the details of the formulas required. Spooky was motivated by early Frequency Research Foundation work. Any substance with a known molecular weight can be converted into a frequency for subscribers. Also any Frequency Research Foundation data sets can be converted to Spooky format on this web site.

You might see electronic drugs in Scientific American in about 20 years, maybe sooner.