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Marburg Virus – Version 1.0

The Beauty of the Marburg Virus

Cosmos Magazine – 14 April 2017

Photo; The University of Texas at Galveston

“The Marburg virus, a relative of Ebola, causes a haemorrhagic fever that kills around 80% of people who are infected. Though the virus is rare, there is currently no effective treatment. Even in those who survive and undergo an apparently complete recovery, the virus may re-emerge in later life or be passed on to children.

Almost half a dozen strains of the Marburg Virus have been sequenced. Some were circulating in the flu several years ago.

A client had severe headaches for over a year. Frequencies were used for biofilms, viruses, parasites, and original Rife frequencies for the organism that causes cancer. Some periodic relief but no cure. Only when the Marburg Virus was identified did all symptoms disappear within a day.



  • Alison Posted June 15, 2017 12:25 am

    can you please tell me what machine you are using I have an F scan but it only goes up to 15,000,000htz thanks.

    • Jeff Sutherland Posted June 15, 2017 8:45 am

      Frequencies are provided in F165 scripting language. Frequencies over 15,000,000 hz can be reduced to lower frequencies using scalar octaves.

      Download a FAQ document which answers comment questions.

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