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Autism and Vaccines Researcher for CDC, Indicted for Fraud and Money-Laundering

Autism continues to radically increase in the U.S. population. Conventional authorities assert that there is no known cause and that there is no link to vaccines. Whenever physicians say there is no known cause for anything it means they are either clueless, lying, or just refusing to investigate for political reasons.
One thing is for sure. Something is causing autism rates to increase. Therefore, it is interesting that a CDC researcher that helped to debunk the vaccine data has been indicted for fraud.

Autism and Vaccines Researcher for CDC, Indicted for Fraud and Money-Laundering
Submitted by Lois Rain on April 22, 2011 – 1:30 pm

Remember when the vaccine mercury/autism link was supposedly debunked? Poul Thorsen, a Danish scientist who coordinated the CDC-funded “debunking” studies, was indicted on April 13th for 13 counts of fraud and 9 counts of money-laundering. Charges relate to his work for the CDC to study correlations between thimerosal (mercury-based vaccine preservative) and the increased rates of autism, among other infant and childhood disabilities he studied. He allegedly stole around $1 million from Atlanta’s CDC autism research money. The fraud charges have to do with dozens of invoices he submitted for “expenses.” The invoices falsely claimed laboratory work from the CDC.

SafeMinds group has closely watched vaccine-autism data brought forth since 2001. Read below about the incongruities they discovered in Thorsen’s work and his emails compelling the CDC to compel the journal Pediatrics to publish his work as a “strong piece of evidence that thimerosal is not linked to autism.” Due to Thorsen’s misconduct, SafeMinds and Coalition for Mercury-Free Drugs are calling for independent federal investigation for data manipulation.

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  • Calohan Posted April 28, 2011 10:56 am
    There might be another mercury/autism link found in the Conclusion on part 2 of this article.


  • GJ Posted September 17, 2017 4:37 pm

    I wonder why you’re linking to thebabbleout’s article which supports the claim that vaccines have been debunked as possible contributors to autism?

    • Jeff Sutherland Posted September 23, 2017 6:18 am

      The author of the Babble Out site alerted me to update the CDC fraud data. However, I didn’t realise that the site has a paragraph that says research shows that autism is not linked to vaccines. I told Babble Out that this is utter nonsense and removed the link until Babble Out fixes their site.

      Kennedy’s recent book on Thimerosol adds more fuel to the fire:

      “Would you expose the unborn child or infant of a loved one to a vaccine containing mercury,a known neurotoxin, if you knew there were other safer alternatives? Does it make any sense that even though Thimerosal is banned as a topical antiseptic and is considered hazardous waste that can’t legally be thrown in the garbage, it is somehow safe to inject into pregnant women and babies?” —MARK HYMAN, MD, founder and medical director, UltraWellness Center;chairman of the board, Institute for Functional Medicine

      “The evidence of Thimerosal’s neurotoxicity is so overwhelming that anyone who is willing to read the science must conclude that Thimerosal can cause brain damage.” —ROBERT F. KENNEDY, JR., JD, LLM, clinical professor of environmental law; codirector, Pace University School of Law Environmental Litigation Clinic

      “When vaccines contain the potent toxin mercury, they can harm public health while they protect it.This is a serious paradox and an error. I hope and implore that this book’s overwhelming scientific evidence moves us all to do whatever it takes to correct this error, because it is unnecessary,and it can and must be corrected.” —MARTHA R. HERBERT, PhD, MD, assistant professor of neurology, Harvard Medical School; pediatric neuroscientist, Massachusetts General Hospital

      “Many of the CDC’s own studies have demonstrated a link between increased Thimerosal exposures and the development of vocal and motor tics, which are generally recognized as autism-like features. This alarming association has been downplayed to the public. Sadly, public health agencies’ insistence on Thimerosal’s safety has effectively inhibited objective investigations into research misconduct and conflicts of interest within health agencies and the vaccine industry.” —CONGRESSMAN BILL POSEY, four-term congressman in Florida

      “It’s no easy task to counter the well-funded astroturf campaigns and endless misinformation passed along by propagandists (and even the well-intentioned-but-misinformed). But Bobby Kennedy continues to do just that—confronting corruption, censorship, and a federal government co-opted by the pharmaceutical industry.” —SHARYL ATTKISSON, investigative journalist; author, Stonewalled

      “Kennedy shows in great detail how the pharmaceutical industry has completely brainwashed the mainstream media and medical community… As the parent of an autistic child who obviously developed brain damage as a reaction to a vaccine, I ask you to throw away your preconceptions and read the facts.” —AIDAN QUINN, actor

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