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BEC 5 Curaderm – A Solution for Basal Cell Carcinoma

BEC 5 Curaderm – A Solution for Basal Cell Carcinoma

The Australians who get a lot of basal cell carcinomas have developed a cream based on egg-plant extract that targets receptor sites on cancer cells and kills them. It has been tested in clinical trials and eliminates virtually 100% of basal cell tumors and some other cancers. This is a great alternative to surgery. See Cancer Letters clinical trial.

BEC 5 Curaderm is widely available without a prescription. It does demand some patience as it takes some weeks for the body to heal after repeated application.

Frequencies alone can eliminate basal cell carcinomas but it is a lot easier in combination with Curaderm. The advantage of frequencies it that they target the underlying cause of the cancer so it is possible to eliminate recurrence and new basal cell carcinomas.

Frequency Research Foundation subscribers have access to extensive sets of frequencies useful with cancer. It is advisable to get a Photoanalysis consultation to use them effectively.

As always consult with your own physician if there are problems. My physician showed me his own basal cell that he cured with Curaderm during my last patient visit.