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Flourescent Microscopy: How to Tell a Frequency is Killing a Virus

Flourescent Microscopy: How to Tell a Frequency is Killing a Virus

The smallest virus is about 20 nanometers and you must see the live virus to determine whether a frequency destroys it. Electron microscopes won’t work as they only operate on dead tissue. A hundred years ago, Royal Rife invented a microscope with about 20,000x resolution on live organisms and determined what frequencies would kill various pathogens.

Today, Leica sells microscopes that can visualize a 20 nanometer organism inside a living cell so anyone with such a microscope can determine what frequencies work best.

Today, there are research groups showing the exact mechanisms on how frequencies can inactivate viruses reporting in leading journals like Nature. See Efficient Structure Resonance Energy Transfer from Microwaves to Confined Acoustic Vibrations in Viruses.

For 20 years this blog has been pointing out that frequency medicine is the future and the future is now.

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