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Vitamin D for COVID Prevention and Treatment

Vitamin D for COVID Prevention and Treatment

Mainstream news is finally reporting on the critical benefits of Vitamin D in the prevention and treatment of COVID. Early studies showed that noone with Vitamin D level higher than 40ng/ml ever went to a hospital and died.

Recommended levels are over 80ng/ml. Farmers 100 years ago had levels above 120ng/ml because of constant exposure to sunlight. In winter, the reduction of sunlight reduces the level of Vitamin D and causes spikes in disease, if not COVID then the flu and other infections. Supplementation is essential in the winter as the majority of people are deficient in Vitamin D through lack of sun exposure.

Vitamin D levels should be checked in blood samples on a regular basis, particularly during a pandemic.

The Florida Surgeon General is being clear about this. Florida Surgeon General Promotes Nutraceuticals for COVID-19.

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