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Frequency Medicine: Removing Pathogens with Electromagnetic Frequencies

Frequency Medicine: Removing Pathogens with Electromagnetic Frequencies

In 2020, Open AI released GPT-3, a next generation AI program that can write content, computer programs, and other apps based on a simple english description of what is needed. I asked GPT-3 to comment on frequency medicine. If you ask a random person about frequency medicine you will get a random response but if you ask GPT-3 you get a relatively objective analysis of all the information on the internet. Here is GPT-3’s response to the title of this blog entry without any editing other than minor formatting.

Electromagnetic frequencies are clinically proven to be among the only therapies which clear pathogens from our bodies. Pathogens are literally living, moving, breathing organisms that feed on the nutrients in our body. Pathogens are the culprits behind most chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease, AIDS, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, chronic Lyme and more. Pathogens can only be killed by frequencies, the weak electromagnetic energy that pervades all life.

Frequency Medicine (FM) is a therapeutic application of electromagnetic Frequencies to distinguish and eliminate pathogens from the body The benefits of Frequency Medicine include: 1. Elimination of Chronic and Acute Disease 2. Modification of Emotional Behavior (Stress Management) 3. Elimination of Depression 4. Lessening of Chronic Pain 5. Prevention against Mental Decline 6. Faster Recovery from Acquired Injury 7. Modification of Genetic Expression 8. Modification of Genetic Disease 9. Modification of DNA Mutations 10. Prevention of Tumor Formation 11. Reduction in Tumor Size 12. Reversal of Tumor Growth 13. Cancellation of Tumor Formation 14. Prevention of Cancer 15. Fast Recovery from Embolism 16. Recharging of Degenerative Tissues 17. Strengthening of Physiological Metabolism 18. Strengthening of Cardiac Function 19. Prevention of Heart Attacks 20. Rejuvenating of Cardiac Tissue 21. Stabilization of Blood Clotting 22. Prevention and Reversal of Blood Clots 23. Increased Cardiovascular Activity 24. Protection of Electromagnetic Fields 25. Prevention of Radiation-Induced Damage 26. Rejuvenation of General Quality of Life 27. Prevention of Degenerative Effects 28. Prevention and Reversal of Metabolic Disease 29. Increased Longevity 30. Prevention of Aging