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Jeff Sutherland

Twice the Energy with Half the Stress

Frequency Medicine with Garmin Body Battery

The holy grail of Frequency Medicine is to have a wearable device on the patient with real time monitoring that can show the direct and immediate effect of frequencies on the body. The state of the art of wearable devices provides 24/7 monitoring of multiple heath factors that can show real time energy state as well as current stress on the body.

Garmin Body Battery

The Garmin Fenix watch (and some other models) provide a important feature called Body Battery that measure the current energy state of the body. Garmin acquired Firstbeat Analytics in 2020, a Finnish company and incorporated their analytics into their watches. Heart rate variability (HRV) and other metrics are used to calculate energy levels and stress which directly influences improvement or degradation of performance.

Reduced stress causes HRV to increase and Body Battery to go up. This provides real time biofeedback that can be used to improve health and well-being. There are three major factors that drive up stress and lower Body Battery:

  1. Spiritual, mental, emotional state
  2. Internal stress caused by pathogens and other factors
  3. External stress caused by the environment (air quality, radiation of all types, geomagnetic factors, etc.)

Body Battery and Stress Levels

Lowering Stress with Meditation

The first category of stress reduction is easily accomplished by mediation. Above is an example of the Garmin Connect App on the iPhone which syncs to the Garmin watch. Body Battery usually goes up during sleep. However, on this day it was flatlined during sleep due to stress (more on that later). I got out of bed just before 7:45am with an orange stress level and meditated for 20 minutes to drive stress down into the blue state. Garmin gave me a Zen Master badge for this along with other Yoga activities.

Garmin Badges

At 8am stress spiked into high level of orange momentarily as I did some very short yoga exercises and then dropped to an even lower level of blue as yoga ended followed by an uptick into the orange as I started moving around, getting breakfast, cleaning up. However, that meditation and short yoga exercise and stretching set me up for a day where stress is low with long periods in the blue zone.  Body Battery stays stable or goes up instead of going down as it usually does during daily activities.

Lowering Stress with Frequencies

Stress Spike at 4am from Residual COVID

This chart shows body battery going down when sleeping when it should be going up. The stress spike at 4am woke me up. I went into my Frequency Lab and tried to identify the reason for the spike. It could be a bad dream but I could not remember dreaming. Could it be an infection flaring up. Sure enough it turned out to be a residual Covid infection. I identified the specific strain and started transmitting it remotely while I went back to bed. Stress went down and was in the blue for an hour or so before I got up at 8am when stress went up as I started moving around.

Today, remote transmission of frequencies is as good or better than direct application. This combined with advanced technology that can track the patient in 3D space in real time allows mobile detection of patient requirements along with remote transmission of appropriate frequencies that can cause an immediate alteration of physical state proven by real time data flow from the wearable device. This was just a simple sleep example. For any professional or amateur athlete, it provides a remarkable opportunity to optimize training and performance through use of next generation biofeedback in real time while training or competing!

Lowering Stress with Environmental Modification

The third component of stess reduction and improvement in Body Battery is modification of the energy patterns in the environment. I use Air Dog air cleaners in the Frequency Lab but felt I could further improve the environment with an organite technology that I has used in the past two decades. “Tower Busters” are more expensive but test better than others.

I had put “Tower Buster’s” at the four corners of my current house when I moved in 2013. It radically altered the energy field of the house. Could I intensify that effect in the Frequency Lab, put my stress levels in the blue and make Body Battery go up.

Stress Down at 8:30am from Meditation and Tower Busters at 10:00am

In the chart above I got up about 7:30 and put myself in the blue low stress state, then moved around and had breakfast which drove stress up and Body Battery started to turn down. As I returned to my lab I took four “Tower Buster’s” and put them in the four corners of the Lab which has two rooms, an office and a server room.

My stress state immediately dropped into the low blue range at about 10am and Body Battery turn up until just before noon when I left the lab to get something to eat and was active for the rest of the day.

This has created an environment in the Frequency Lab where I can just sit and work on the computer and my stress level drops to the blue state and Body Battery starts to go up during the day. This same strategy is now being used in the bedroom to lower stress at night and cause Body Battery to go up normally.

Many Additional Use Cases for the Garmin Watch

At the time of writing, I am working in the Frequency Lab and Body Battery is increasing until 12pm when I go downstairs to exercise on my Rom machine. In four minutes I get my exercise for the day with really low stress at the cost of some Body Battery.

ROM Machine

Then I have some lunch. Body Battery goes down yet stress stays really low from 12-12:30pm until I am back in the Lab and Body Battery starts up. I decide to take sauna, stress stays low and Body Battery starts up from about 3:30pm to almost 4pm, then I hit the shower and stress goes up and peaks. Body Batteries goes down a little bit.

I started off the day with low Body Battery but using a strategy based on biofeedback from the Garmin watch, I end the day with Body Battery as high as at the beginning of the day. My goal was to get Intensity Minutes which are a measure of exercise without spending Body Battery.

The strategy was a little bit of yoga at 8am giving Intensity minutes a slight bump. Then the ROM maching at noon giving a bigger jump. Then just before 4pm getting in the sauna which generates Intemsity Minutes because of heart rate increase, but along with low stress level. Then, remarkably, taking a shower with the Garmin Watch will give you an Intensity Minute jump along with high stress levels.

I got 82 minutes of exercise on a low energy day without expending Body Battery and increased my Intensity Points from 175 at the beginning of the day to 257 by 5pm. I ended the day with the same energy level as at the beginning of the day.

The next night I used the same strategies to get a nice smooth rise in Body Battery throughout the night. Typically Body Batteries readings a down during the day with activity and up at night when sleeping.

Ultimate Goal – Body Battery Goes Up at Night and Never Goes Down During Day

My current goal is to get rising Body Battery at night with minimal loss of Body Battery during the day while maximizing Intensity Minutes from exercise. This is already causing some weight loss, better physical fitness, and better mental focus. Here is a recent result:

Power Up Throughout the Day

After working with biofeedback for a couple of weeks I finally scored a day where Body Battery started over 90, then dropped a bit during daily exercise. Working intensely in the Frequency Lab all day it was back up over 90 by the end of the working day. It feels great to end the day with as much or more energy as you started with on a high energy morning! More work got done with better mental focus. This has only been possible so far by using frequencies to eliminate pathogens and environmental modification with Tower Busters.


The Garmin Watch is an effective biofeedback tool that we recommend it to all patients in the Frequency Clinic program. Staff members of the Frequency Research Foundation (and their children) are now wearing these watches to monitor the effects of whole body scans and frequency transmission through our inexpensive Photoanalysis Frequency Clinic.

We can improve health, well-being, and physical performance using hard data that is trusted by patients and their physicians. Real time biofeedback through the Garmin Fenix watch directly and immediately affects patient behavior is a way that is not possible with traditional medical intervention.