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Magnetex – Adjuvant Therapy for COVID Damage

Application of Rotating Magnetic Fields Increase the Activity of Antimicrobials Against Wound Biofilm Pathogens

Scientific Reports volume 8, Article number: 167 (2018) Cite this article


Infective complications are a major factor contributing to wound chronicity and can be associated with significant morbidity or mortality. Wound bacteria are protected in biofilm communities and are highly resistant to immune system components and to antimicrobials used in wound therapy.


COVID spikes have been developed in bioweapons labs and research centers in many parts of the world. Forensic analysis shows hundreds of patents over the last several decades along with many hundreds of research papers. For example, Nature Biotechnology maps the network of patents directly related to COVID vaccines.

The coronavirus spike causes significant damage to arteries along with opportunistic infections that cause immediate and long term COVID effects. With the addition of the vaccine there are even more spikes along with coagulation of the blood with can cause blood clots.

Black veins in legs that can be cleared up with Magnetex.

Frequencies can disrupt the spike proteins and associated pathogens. However, many infected individuals present with aches and pain all over the body, COVID rashes, inflamed varicose veins, COVID toes, heart disease, brain aneurisms, and so forth. Rotating magnetic fields along with vibration applied to infected areas can accelerate the destruction of spike proteins, flush out associated pathogens and biofilms and loosen up coagulated blood.

The Magnetex,org product has been useful in conjuction with frequencies assisting in long term COVID problems, particular for paint in joints and in the back, COVID rashes, and inflamed varicose veins. It is a research device so it must be used as instructed by the vendor and use is at your own risk.

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