Real Science: Killing Pathogens with Frequencies

Real science demonstrates conclusively with 100% certainty that something works 100% of the time rather than clinical trials which are designed to show that something helps some of the time for some people.

For this you need a lab setup that allows you to visualize pathogens in real time and see them blow up when targeted with the right frequency. Here is one of many examples of documenting on video the explosion of a pathogen when hit with an exact resonant frequency.

Killing Pathogens with Frequencies

This technology was invented by Dr. Royal Rife in San Diego starting in 1920. Click here for documentation of the history. Today we have more sophisticated technology (except perhaps for his microscope). We can do remotely when can be seen in the video.

For remote application of this technology, sign up for the Photoanalysis Remote Rife Clinic to try it out.

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