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Jeff Sutherland

Twice the Energy with Half the Stress

Important Update: is Back Online and Stronger Than Ever

Dear Valued Users and Supporters,

We understand that many of you experienced difficulties accessing over the weekend. We want to offer a transparent account of what happened and assure you that steps are being taken to prevent similar issues in the future.

What Happened?

1. SSL Certificate Issue: Initially, our SSL security certificate expired six months ahead of its due date, despite our ISP confirming its validity.
2. Blank Page: After resolving the SSL issue, the website displayed a blank page.
3. DNS Settings: Upon further investigation, we found that our DNS settings via Cloudflare were scrambled.

Why Did This Happen?

We host multiple companies with the same ISP, and none have experienced such issues recently. However, has faced four similar incidents in the past year. We can’t help but suspect that there are entities who are not in favor of our mission to revolutionize healthcare by offering scans 10 times as frequent as traditional methods at one-tenth the cost.

What Are We Doing About It?

1. Security Upgrades: We are collaborating with security experts at to harden our site to military-grade levels.
2. Clinical Trials: We are working with innovative clinicians to conduct trials that could drastically reduce healthcare costs.
3. Website Upgrade: We are excited to announce a major upgrade to our website, set to go live in November. The new site will be more user-friendly and will incorporate all the past history of the current site.

We appreciate your patience and support as we work through these challenges. Our mission to help people achieve twice the energy with half the stress, as measured by analytics (used to train Olympic teams), remains stronger than ever. Above is an image of a Garmin watch that show the results that can be achieved where energy stays high at almost 80% throughout the day and stress remains below 20% giving you four times the personal power to enjoy life and get things done.

Best regards,
Jeff Sutherland, Ph.D

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