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Navigating the Persistent Waves of COVID Flu: Insights from Frequency Research Foundation

Navigating the Persistent Waves of COVID Flu: Insights from Frequency Research Foundation

Upadate: The COVID Flu from Feb 2023 has evolved into a full blown syndrome affecting dogs (ACRID) as well as people and buildings. Circulating for more than a year now it is very infectious and persistent. Multiple researches have helped to expand its already large frequency set by identifying new organisms DNA sequenced in government databases.

As 2023 unfolded, we at the Frequency Research Foundation witnessed a recurring global health challenge – the COVID flu. Our extensive client base, spread across the globe, becomes a real-time map tracing the rapid spread of flu viruses. Unlike seasonal flus, the COVID flus of 2023, robust and persistent, are not bound by weather or season. They bring with them a cocktail of pathogens – flu viruses, multiple strains of COVID, and a variety of parasites, bacteria, fungi, and even mycoplasma.

A Year-Long Battle Against a Formidable Foe

Our encounters with these flus have shown that they are not fleeting; they linger for weeks, sometimes months. In one extraordinary case, we observed flu symptoms persisting for a full year until frequencies successfully eliminated them. This enduring presence challenges the conventional understanding of flu and its treatment.

Unlocking the Secret of Stubborn Flus

Twenty years of research have shed light on the tenacious nature of flu. Frequencies, with their inherent precision and reliability, have revealed that it’s not just a single virus at play. We’ve discovered that an airborne parasite, alarmingly infectious, is the vector transporting these pathogens. This large parasite has the unique ability to infect people, animals, and even buildings.

The Swine Flu epidemic was a stark manifestation of this phenomenon, with airports becoming super-spreaders. Since standard flu treatments target only the virus, the actual flu persists until the parasitic vectors die naturally – which takes much longer than anticipated.

A Proactive Approach to a Global Health Menace

When someone approaches us with flu symptoms, our priority is to identify all associated organisms. As we treat more cases, our database grows, leading to a more comprehensive set of frequencies that can potentially conquer the flu in mere days.

Boiron’s Oscillicoccinum 200, a homeopathic remedy, has proven to be an effective adjunct, facilitating the rapid elimination of flu organisms when combined with our frequency treatments at the onset of symptoms.

The Pervasive Threat of COVID Flus

The COVID flus stand out in their infectiousness. Simple activities, like a visit to Starbucks or a routine medical checkup, can result in multiple reinfections. Recognizing the public health crisis at hand, we’ve decided to release these frequencies free of charge to support experienced Rife practitioners. For those who are new to this, our Photoanalysis Remote Rife Clinic stands ready to assist you, your animals, and even sanitize your living spaces from the COVID flu, with the goal of achieving this ideally within a day, barring complications from co-infections.

Masking Up: A Double-Edged Sword

Our research indicates that while masks might not be the ultimate barrier against viruses due to their minuscule size, they do offer protection against the larger organisms responsible for spreading the flu. Data from the period of 2020-2022 align with our findings, as mask-wearing did not significantly impact the spread of COVID but did contribute to a substantial decline in traditional flu cases.


As we continue to navigate the waves of the COVID flu, the Frequency Research Foundation remains dedicated to providing innovative solutions that are validated by two decades of unwavering research. We urge the scientific community to examine our work with an open mind and welcome the opportunity to collaborate in advancing the understanding of frequency-based therapies.

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