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Jeff Sutherland

Twice the Energy with Half the Stress

Embracing Zen in Healthcare: The TEHS Framework and the Art of Boiling an Egg

Embracing Zen in Healthcare: The TEHS Framework and the Art of Boiling an Egg

In the realm of wellness and health optimization, the integration of simplicity and mindfulness paves the way for profound improvements in our daily lives. The TEHS Scrum Framework for Health and Performance, renowned for its emphasis on efficiency through the fundamental principles of physics, finds a harmonious counterpart in the Zen philosophy of healthcare. At the Frequency Research Foundation, we constantly explore methodologies that not only enhance physical health but also elevate mental well-being. In this spirit, we delve into the seemingly mundane task of boiling an egg, unveiling its potential as a vessel for mindfulness, balance, and the practical application of the TEHS philosophy.

Understanding the TEHS Framework

The TEHS Framework, standing for “Twice the Energy, Half the Stress,” champions the idea that significant health and performance enhancements can be achieved through straightforward, universally applicable actions. It underscores the importance of efficiency, balance, and the reduction of stress through simple yet effective means.

The Zen of Boiling an Egg

Boiling an egg, a task most would consider trivial, embodies the essence of Zen in healthcare. It’s an act that demands mindfulness, patience, and a focus on the present, aligning perfectly with the principles of the TEHS Framework. Here, we outline the steps to achieve the perfect boiled egg, each stage reflecting a deeper connection to mindfulness and well-being:

  1. Soft-Boiled Egg: Boil for 4 to 5 minutes for a creamy, runny yolk. This consistency symbolizes the fluidity and adaptability essential in our approach to health.
  1. Medium-Boiled Egg: A 6 to 7-minute boil yields a firmer, yet soft yolk, embodying balance—a core tenet of both Zen and the TEHS philosophy.
  1. Hard-Boiled Egg: For a solid, fully cooked egg, 9 to 12 minutes is ideal, representing the solidity and structure we aim for in our health regimen.

Tips for Perfection: Start with room-temperature eggs to prevent cracking, gently place them in boiling water, and cool in cold water post-boil for easy peeling.

Incorporating Zen in Egg Boiling

Transforming egg boiling into a Zen practice encapsulates the essence of the TEHS Framework. Here’s how each step can be a mindfulness exercise:

  • Mindful Preparation: Engage fully with the process, from the water’s sound to the anticipation of the meal.
  • Observation and Patience: Watch the boiling water and the cooking eggs as a practice in patience and living in the moment.
  • Gratitude and Enjoyment: Upon completion, express gratitude for the nourishment provided, savoring the egg’s texture and taste.

At the Frequency Research Foundation, we believe in the power of integrating holistic, mindful practices into everyday life. The simple act of boiling an egg, guided by the principles of the TEHS Framework and imbued with Zen mindfulness, becomes more than just food preparation—it becomes a ritual that nurtures both body and soul. It is a testament to how, even in the smallest of actions, we can find balance, energy, and a path to enhanced well-being.

There are two ways we can measure the elevation of energy and lowering of stress. One is by using Heartmath’s Inner Balance app which helps to access a healthy and high-performance state called heart coherence, where your heart and brain are in sync — this helps you prevent or reduce stress, anxiety, and overwhelm, improve health and performance, and clear your thinking for more effective choices to live a healthier, happier life.

Through biofeedback you can adjust your energy and stress levels. The best way to measure the effect is to monitor your energy and stress constantly without having to think about it using analytics on Garmin watches. Mindfulness and gratitude from boiling an egg or 15 minutes of any meditative practice in the morning can stabilize your energy at at a high level while radically reducing stress. Here is what it looks like:

An intermediate practitioner of the TEHS Scrum Framework for Health and Performance can stabilize energy above 70% and stress below 25% for extended periods. An expert can get it energy over 90% and stress below 5%. Here you enter the zone where time disappears and work becomes effortless. This is ideally how you feel when boiling the egg!

This approach to health, emphasizing simplicity, mindfulness, and universality, mirrors our foundation’s ethos. We encourage our readers to embrace these moments of Zen in their daily routines, discovering the profound impact of mindfulness on overall health and performance. Join us in exploring the boundless possibilities that lie in the convergence of science, simplicity, and spirituality in healthcare.

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