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Combating COVID Flu and ACIRD in Humans and Pets: Frequency Research Foundation’s Approach

Combating COVID Flu and ACIRD in Humans and Pets: Frequency Research Foundation’s Approach

At the Frequency Research Foundation, our commitment to addressing global health crises has led us to a significant discovery in the fight against COVID flu. Not only have we identified the complex nature of multiple COVID flu strains circulating globally, but we have also recognized their impact across species, including a notable strain known as ACIRD in dogs. This understanding has propelled our efforts to develop remote, non-invasive technologies aimed at combating these infections in humans, animals, and even the spaces we inhabit.

Understanding the Multi-Faceted Nature of COVID Flu

COVID flu complexes identified by Frequency Research Foundation exhibit intricate and varied pathogenic profiles, spread through airborne parasites. Unlike traditional flu strains that target individuals, the February 2023 COVID flu can infiltrate entire ecosystems, infecting canines with ACIRD and posing risks to human family members and their surroundings. This flu spreads through multiple strains of the ancylostoma parasite in aerosol form, persisting not only within lung tissues but also on surfaces and within building ventilation systems.

Our Comprehensive Treatment Approach

Given the extensive nature of these infections, a comprehensive treatment approach is essential. Frequency Research Foundation has taken a significant step by offering a set of frequencies designed to combat the February 2023 COVID flu, now available for free to the public. These frequencies are intended for use in treating individuals, animals afflicted with ACIRD, and sanitizing the spaces they occupy. This holistic approach recognizes the interconnectedness of human and animal health with their living environments.

The Urgency of Environmental Decontamination

The revelation that the February 2023 COVID flu can infiltrate buildings underscores the critical need for environmental decontamination. The Foundation’s initiative to provide frequencies for building treatment is crucial in curbing the disease’s spread. By addressing the infectious threat at all levels – personal, animal, and environmental – we can hope to mitigate the impact of the COVID flu and protect entire communities.

Moving Forward with Frequency-Based Health Innovations

The discovery of multiple circulating COVID flu strains emphasizes the need for ongoing vigilance and innovation in health sciences. Frequency Research Foundation’s efforts represent a vital resource in addressing this global health challenge. As we confront the realities of the COVID flu, the Foundation’s work becomes increasingly crucial. By leveraging frequencies to treat the complex web of pathogens associated with the COVID flu, we open the door to more effective health solutions for our interconnected world.