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Can Oreos Lower Cholesterol Better Than Statins? An Intriguing Study Reveals

Can Oreos Lower Cholesterol Better Than Statins? An Intriguing Study Reveals

In the pursuit of understanding cholesterol management within the realm of diet and medication, the Frequency Research Foundation presents a groundbreaking experiment that juxtaposes the consumption of Oreo cookies with the administration of statins, particularly rosuvastatin, in a lean mass hyper-responder (LMHR) following a ketogenic diet. This novel study aims to explore the lipid energy model’s efficacy and challenges traditional perceptions of diet and cardiovascular health.

The Experiment

A 27-year-old male, adhering to a ketogenic diet for ulcerative colitis remission, underwent a unique crossover experiment. Initially, his LDL cholesterol (LDL-C) levels surged from 95 mg/dL to a peak of 545 mg/dL due to his dietary regimen. This study embarked on an unconventional path by introducing Oreo cookies into his diet, followed by a phase of high-intensity statin therapy, to observe and compare the effects on LDL-C levels.

Oreos as a Cholesterol-Lowering Agent?

The initial phase involved supplementing the subject’s diet with 12 Oreo cookies daily, introducing an additional 100g of carbohydrates for 16 days. Surprisingly, this “Oreo treatment” led to a significant drop in LDL-C levels – a reduction of 71% from the baseline. This phase of the experiment highlighted an unexpected potential of incorporating simple carbohydrates, even from sources like Oreo cookies, to dramatically influence LDL-C levels in individuals following a strict ketogenic diet.

Comparing Effects with Statin Therapy

Following a three-month washout period on a stable ketogenic diet, the subject then received rosuvastatin 20 mg daily for six weeks. The statin therapy reduced his LDL-C, but the decrease was less pronounced compared to the Oreo intervention, showcasing a 32.5% reduction from the baseline. This comparison raises fascinating questions about dietary influence versus medication on cholesterol management, especially in LMHR individuals.

Insights and Implications

This study’s findings, consistent with the lipid energy model, suggest that adding carbohydrates to the diet of an LMHR subject can more effectively reduce LDL-C levels than high-intensity statin therapy. It challenges conventional wisdom on dietary fats, statin use, and cholesterol management, advocating for further research into the LMHR phenomenon and the mechanisms behind these surprising results.

Ethical and Health Considerations

It’s crucial to note that this study’s approach, particularly the Oreo cookie treatment, is not general health advice but a specific experiment designed to test a hypothesis within a controlled setting. The intriguing outcomes encourage a broader discussion on diet, cholesterol, and health, reinforcing the need for personalized dietary and medical strategies.

The Path Forward

The Frequency Research Foundation’s study opens new avenues for understanding cholesterol management beyond traditional methods. As we delve deeper into the effects of diet on health, it becomes increasingly clear that the solutions to complex health issues may lie in unconventional and innovative approaches.


  • Norwitz N.G., Cromwell W.C. (2024). Oreo Cookie Treatment Lowers LDL Cholesterol More Than High-Intensity Statin therapy in a Lean Mass Hyper-Responder on a Ketogenic Diet: A Curious Crossover Experiment. Metabolites, 14(73).
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