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Jeff Sutherland

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First Bird Cured of Lethal Virus By Remote Frequency Application

Royal Rife identified frequencies for eliminating pathogens using a high powered microscope that could examine living organisms with higher resolution than most microscopes available today. He could directly see frequencies killing pathogens and noticed that exact frequencies were required to generate the effect. He pointed out that precise and exact frequencies were required to achieve this effect. Also many organisms have multiple forms or multiple components and sets of many frequencies are often required.

Most people need help identifying pathogen frequencies since Rife’s technology for visualizing living organisms is not readily available. The Frequency Research Foundation helps identify these frequencies for a specific individual by analysis of high resolution digital photos. A database of over 10 gigabytes of frequency data has been developed over the past two decades through work with hundreds of researchers and many thousands of pathogens. This database can be rapidly searched for complex frequency sets identified previously for the same or similar pathogens. In this way historical data is used to enhance the speed and effectiveness of obtaining personalized frequencies.

The Frequency Research Foundation uses advanced technology for broadcasting the same frequencies remotely using ultra-low frequency bands similar to those used to communicate through the earth to submarines. This enhances the effect of local application and can often be used in place of local application.

The effect of these broadcasts can be dramatic. Before and after photos of the first rare bird ever to be cured of a deadly virus are shown above. Broadcasts were from Boston, on the east coast of the United States, to Indonesia on the other side of the planet. The explosion of new feathers seen in the photos was created by two days of broadcasting and a couple of weeks of healing time between November 3 and November 16, 2004.

The Frequency Foundation has also led research efforts on large scale applications of remote frequency broadcasting to animal facilities with the former Chief Veterinary Officer of Sea World, Dr. David Kenney. After remote broadcasting of frequencies to animals in a Colorado SPCA unit, this animal pound became the first disease free animal facility in the world. Comprehensive results were presented at the Frequency Foundation Las Vegas Workshop in February 2006.

Work with Dr. Kenney showed that remote application of frequencies could eliminate tumors. However, some animals died anyway. On autopsy it was observed that the tumor was gone but they died of organ failure due to other pathogens or toxic substances released by the cancer. So it is very important for the animal to be as healthy as possible with a strong immune system to assist in healing. For this reason, we recommend immune enhancing supplements while using frequencies. The most powerful one in our tests is Transfer Factor Plus by 4Life.