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Jeff Sutherland

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Candida: Everybody Has It But How To Get Rid of It!

Use Aqua Flora in combination with frequencies to eliminate candida.

Candida is pandemic – almost everyone has a candida infection. These infections have been stimulated by overuse of antibiotics and the problem gets worse as time goes on. Recently, fungal infections including candida have been tied to cancer, so this is not an innocuous infection.

Even if you avoid antibiotics you can get infected with candida. Flu infections are transmitted by parasites which contain multiple strains of flu virus, bacteria, other pathogens, and often candida. The candida fungus can get on clothes and other materials where you can pick up a contact infection. Loving your partner can give you a candida infection.

Over half the population is infected with Lyme organisms (at least over half of the people I test) and the Lyme complex includes many strains of candida along with many other organisms.

Candida is extremely persistent and thrives on diets rich in sugar. Most physicians will advise altering diet yet this is only a stopgap measure. It doesn’t eliminate candida, it just slows down its growth. Candida pairs up with sets of other organisms and toxic compounds to cause disease syndromes as it is a good immune suppressant allowing other pathogens to proliferate.

The only way I have found to completely eliminate candida is to target each strain with frequencies. This is a complex problem as there are many strains and each strain has multiple forms that require multiple frequencies.

It is not possible to eliminate these strains unless you target all the forms of the organism. It has taken over a decade of research to enable easy identification of these frequency sets so and Frequency Research Foundation subscribers have access to dozens of frequency sets for candida strains.

Aqua Flora should be taken while working on candida frequencies. It is a harmless, yet potent, homeopathic remedy. A teaspoon in a glass of water is best. Drink a tablespoon of this water several times a day and rub the water on affected areas. This alone will eliminate most symptoms.