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Jeff Sutherland

Twice the Energy with Half the Stress

Energy Medicine – Second Edition

“Look at the step-by-step process by which we come to understand the world around and within us. Energy is a huge part of this. Our personal ability to understand and manipulate the energies of nature gives us direct experience of the most vital aspects of life. However, because of historical confusions and vested interests our culture and our education have obscured the nature of energy and thereby denied us the opportunity to explore what is arguably the most important part of our nature and of our health. The resulting confusion has spilled over into our healthcare system, which is in a crisis that threatens our prosperity and national security. To ignore energy is to deny the application to our health and welfare of one of the greatest areas of human inquiry – physics. This book has the goal of bringing the physical and biomedical sciences into cooperation as we look to the future of our healthcare system.” James Oschman

This is the book that ties medical research together with energy practioners approach to healing. The second edition is even better than the first. For example, we now have over 450,000 peer-reviewed academic research papers are now published on inflammation as the root cause of much chronic disease. Many energy approaches to medicine are effective at reducing inflammation and clinical studies are repeatedly demonstrating this effect. The emerging research in major journals is enormous and few physicians read it.

As a former Professor of Radiology it is interesting that the physicists and radiologists have been the primary proponents of building the scientific basis for energy medicine. Perhaps our fundamental understanding of nuclear physics combined with endless study of increasingly accurate images of human tissue in diseased states has caused us to put 2 and 2 together and get 4.

Energy Balancing by Numbers

Healing occurs when there is a shift between the harmonious and disharmonious energies in the body. To make that shift, you need a way to dialogue with your energetic field.

All organisms, including you, communicate by vibrational energy.  Your cells will use this vibrational energy first before using the chemical communication system of your body.

Manipulating this vibrational energy is much more efficient than giving chemicals to the body.

In Energy Balancing by Numbers, Lloyd Mear provides the source codes for this vibrational energy in the form of numerical sequences. These numerical sequences hold a charge, an intention, and they activate specific frequencies that should be present in a healthy body. They bring the body back online.

A colleague looking for a simple way to use frequencies recently asked me if Lloyd Mear’s frequencies worked. I tested them out and sure enough, they work simply by speaking the numbers. So anyone can do this using their own body as the frequency transmitter.

Even more interesting, as I started to us frequency hardware to transmit the frequencies, the colleague pointed out that the spoken energy numbers are not the same as Rife frequencies. To get the equivalent Rife frequency, you need to raise the spoken frequency to the power of 1/PHI. PHI is the golden mean = 1.618033 and the power of PHI is an interesting study in and of itself.

So let’s take an example. This morning I got up and took out the three page check list that comes with Lloyd’s book. Using muscle testing or my Cameron Aurameter, I found the second page of the checklist was where to look. Scanning page two, the item “Lungs – Strong L R” stood out. Specifically, my left lung was not as energized as it could be. The check list pointed to page 54 in Energy Balancing by NumbersThe first number on page 54 “Lungs 48683857365” tested positive. I then tested the application of the number by the spoken word and found it needed to be tuned up (common when working with frequencies) and the best number is 48683868365. Most of Lloyd’s frequencies work straight out of the book without tuning. I had to speak this number 10-15 times to get the desired effect which was a noticeable change in lung function and significant change in energy of the left lung.

This number can be turned into a frequency that I can transmit using an F165/Harmony Chip/DMI/SG1 combination by raising it to the power of 1/PHI.

48683868365 ^ (1/1.618033) = 4028758.792

This allows you to create frequency sets for remote balancing or imprinting on water. Even more amazing, you can take any Rife frequency and turn it into an effective spoken number by raising it to the awesome power of PHI. Let’s say you had an original Rife frequency of 12832676.

12832676 ^ 1.618033 = 317315912654.52 is the power of the spoken word.

One of my business partners (may he rest in peace) always said the ultimate frequency transmitter is the human body. Here you have it in a way anyone can use it!

EM Patent by Elizabeth Rauscher

United States Patent4,889,526
Rauscher ,   et al.December 26, 1989

Non-invasive method and apparatus for modulating brain signals through an external magnetic or electric field to reduce pain

This invention incorporates the discovery of new principles which utilize magnetic and electric fields generated by time varying square wave currents of precise repetition, width, shape and magnitude to move through coils and cutaneously applied conductive electrodes in order to stimulate the nervous system and reduce pain in humans. Timer means, adjustment means, and means to deliver current to the coils and conductive electrodes are described, as well as a theoretical model of the process. The invention incorporates the concept of two cyclic expanding an collapsing magnetic fields which generate precise wave forms in conjunction with each other to create a beat frequency which in turn causes the ion flow in the nervous system of the human body to be efficiency moved along the nerve path where the locus of the pain exists to thereby reduce the pain. The wave forms are create either in one or more coils, one or more pairs of electrodes, or a combination of the two.

Inventors:Rauscher; Elizabeth A. (San Leandro, CA), Van Bise; William L. (San Leandro, CA)
Assignee:Magtech Laboratories, Inc. (Reno, NV) 
Appl. No.:07/120,914
Filed:November 13, 1987

Contact Dr. Donnie Rudd for a new low cost magnetic healing device based on this patent.
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