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New Product Release – Fleas Version 1.0

Fleas are tiny, external parasites that live by consuming the blood of their hosts, which can include dogs, cats, and even humans. Despite their small size, fleas are a major nuisance and can cause severe discomfort and health issues for pets and their owners. Fleas are adept jumpers, capable of leaping distances many times their body length, which aids in their spread from one host to another. Beyond the itching and irritation caused by flea bites, these pests can lead to allergic reactions in sensitive animals, transmit tapeworms, and in severe cases, cause anemia in young or frail pets due to blood loss.

The danger of fleas lies not only in their impact on individual animals but also in their ability to infest environments. A single female flea can lay hundreds of eggs over her lifetime, which can lead to rapid population growth and widespread infestation in homes and outdoor areas where animals live or roam.

Given these challenges, the Frequency Research Foundation has developed targeted frequency sets for combating fleas effectively. These frequencies are designed to disrupt the life cycle of fleas and provide a non-toxic, innovative solution to a persistent problem. By applying these frequencies to the animal, within the dwelling, and any areas the animal has access to, pet owners can tackle the flea problem at its source.

We encourage pet owners and caregivers to download these frequencies and try them out. This method offers a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to chemical treatments, promising relief and comfort for your pets without the use of potentially harmful pesticides. We are committed to expand this set if you have a flea strain that does not response to these frequencies if you send us a high resolution digitial photo of the insect.

Join us in this modern approach to pest control and experience the benefits of frequency therapy in managing flea infestations.

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