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Jeff Sutherland

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Aerosol Infection by Flu Viruses

Photo by Kickstarter Michael Gilvary Sick Building Project – view here

For years Frequency Foundation has been reporting on flu virus aerosol infection. Many of these infections are caused by airborne parasites where masks can block large particles. However, for virus particles of a few microns, masks are ineffective. This came to a head in COVID when it became clear that medical scientists do not understand basic physics. See

Frequencies are mathematic data that do not lie. They are present in a building or not. Frequencies sent to the building consistently reduce infection 100% of the time. You do not need a clinical trial to show this after you do it on hundreds of buildings with 100% success (in at least reducing infection if not eliminating it).

Furthermore, if you are skeptical, it only takes a few weeks on your building to prove it either helps or does not help. The alternative is to live with the infection continuously.

Conventional flus, spread by aerosol parasites, were radically reduced during COVID with masks, despite the propaganda masks were ineffective in stopping the COVID virus. The 6 foot separation was also a myth that has been debunked in the science journals. Do your own research. There is real data out there.

Here we just want to emphasize that aerosol infection is one of the primary routes of viral infection, particularly for COVID, and buildings that are not properly ventilated with air cleaners that kill viruses become infected. There are many companies that do sick building remediation but they are expensive and your local Starbucks, Whole Foods, Home Depot, and other vendors are not using them every week. A single really sick person can infect a store that does not have air clearers and ventilation that kill viruses and other pathogens quickly.

This is why we have the “Sick Building Service” for weekly scans for $99/month. We have many individual subscribers for home that are infected as people are well aware that mold is a critical issue. When we scan buildings using the same technology we use for people we find viruses, bacteria, and many other things in addition to mold. It is so inexpensive that some of our homes use this service every month, continuously.

It is critical for health clinics and restaurants to be aware of the Sick Building Service because these are the areas that become most infected, most often, by the most people. We find the same thing in retail and wholesale stores. Clearing these buildings with frequencies not only prevents infection of customers and employees, it significantly changes the atmosphere in the store make it feel more friendly. People linger longer and buy more products as one of the largest retail furniture outlets in Hawaii discovered.

Black Mold and Other Mold Frequencies Release 4.1

Staying in a mold filled apartment in Europe motivated an upgrade to mold frequencies, particularly Chaetomium. Also a third file is added with toxin frequencies commonly seen in mold and lyme infections.

Rereading Scott Forsgren’s article on Mold and Mycotoxins reminded me that hundreds of updates to mold frequencies have been identified since my previous update.

Everyone runs into mold on a regular basis and these frequencies can help tremendously. I’ve included every mold that my clients have encountered during the last 20 years. If you find a new one (unlikely) please send me an email. Subscribers feel free to send me an email if you need help in identifying mold frequencies.

A previous release included mold commonly found in coffee which most of you are exposed to. An easy trick to determine if you have mold in the air in your home is to leave a little milk out in a glass overnight. If there is mold in the air, it will start growing in the milk. I use a Nespresso Aerochino which warms and froths the milk. Left unattended overnight with remains of frothed milk, it provides an optimal growth environment for mold.

When I awake in the morning I can see if there is mold easily in the Aerochino. I then test with the Cameron Aurameter to determine the frequency. The primary frequency for molds is in the 400khz range.  I then search the file below for the right frequency set.

Note: Candida is a fungus as well and found in a separate program on the subscribers site.