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  • Flu 2019 Version 1.1

    Flu viruses are distributed primarily by airborne parasites that contain a package of pathogens that are difficult to eliminate. Very few people die of a flu virus. They die mostly from other infections that are part of the flu syndrome.

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  • Streptococcus Version 1.0

    At the request of subscribers, all streptococcus strains in the Frequency Research Foundation database are now easily accessible.

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  • Swine Flu 2018 – Version 1.1

    The 2018 flu is one of the most complex in many years. Although seen as a H3N2 avian flu, the H3N1 swine flu virus has been the underlying base of all flu since the pandemic years ago. The swine flu virus has the unique feature that humans cannot develop effective antibodies so it circulates endlessly in the population.

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