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  • Cancer Cell Metabolism – Version 3.0

    Deeper understanding of cell metabolism in cancer can result in innovative frequency strategies for eliminating altered cells. A positive muscle test when running these programs indicates premalignant or malignant cells.

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  • Shistasoma Version 1.0

    Our Comprehensive Schistosomiasis Treatment Frequency Set is a cutting-edge solution designed to combat the parasitic disease, Schistosomiasis, also known as Bilharzia. This set includes frequencies specifically tailored for the drug Praziquantel, the standard treatment for Schistosomiasis, as well as frequencies for multiple strains of the Schistosoma parasite.

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  • Swine Flu 2018 – Version 1.1

    The 2018 flu is one of the most complex in many years. Although seen as a H3N2 avian flu, the H3N1 swine flu virus has been the underlying base of all flu since the pandemic years ago. The swine flu virus has the unique feature that humans cannot develop effective antibodies so it circulates endlessly in the population.

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