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Jeff Sutherland

Twice the Energy with Half the Stress

Nitric Oxide Dump Exercise – 1 minute = 50 minute workout in gym

A simple exercise is the most important exercise for anyone to do because 1 minute is worth 50 minutes in the gym. It doesn’t get any better than that.

It is so easy that even my wife who has mobility problems can do it. When I was working out with the West Point Gymnastics team during COVID they gave me credit equal to running a mile for doing 3 sets of this one minute exercise.

I do it when I get up, anytime I am near a counter which I can touch to balance during squats. It releases nitric oxide from your arterial linings and provides all the aerobic exercise you need.

It consist of four moments:

  1. 10 squats – my wife can’t squat so she just bends her knees as far as comfortable
  2. 10 arm movements from side to horizontal
  3. 10 arm swings from touching fists in front to touching fists over the head
  4. 10 arm push straight up from shoulder

Here is a video on how to do this. 

ZACH BUSH MD | 4 Minute WorkoutThe Four Minute Workout is a new concept of exercise that revolves around the body’s ability to use Nitric Oxide for muscle growth. This is an efficient anae…WWW.YOUTUBE.COM

The exercise was developed by physicians working with the Army to get the maximum aerobic workout in the minimum time. 3 sets in 3 minutes gives you 1 hour and 50 minutes in the gym.

Sounds hard to believe but Dr. Grossman tested me at the Grossman Wellness Center lab in Denver. In three minutes the data showed I had a significant cardiac workout and my resting calorie burn rate went up 400 calories per day for the rest of the day for doing nothing more than this 3 minute exercise.