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Jeff Sutherland

Twice the Energy with Half the Stress

Orion Retrovirus – Take Back Your Dreams!

This virus will steal your dreams, particularly when they are combined with flouride in your brain. You will have flouride deposits building up in the pineal gland and elsewhere unless you live in Europe where almost all countries have banned flouridation. Even then you will have to avoid toothpaste and mineral water which indicate flouride contamination on the label.

Multiple researchers observed that with the orion viruses cleared, dreams are vivid and remembered upon awaking. At first this is unsettling. After a while, some researchers were disappointed in their dreams for being unorganized, characters coming and going, upsetting for petty emotional issues and so forth. Their conclusion was that we need to take charge of our dream lives and help them be more focused, more positive, more useful, and more educational. In addition, any time dreams become less vivid or memorable, it is a strong indicator of orion retrovirus reinfection. Conclusion: our dream life is disorganized because we don’t realize what is going on when higher brain function is disabled with these viruses.

This interesting frequency set was developed based on one of Peter Moon’s booksA source told him the Atlantean civilization was wiped out by an off-world Orion Alliance using biotechnology. Specifically, a retrovirus destroyed Atlantean priests higher brain function causing them to forget how to operate their technology. They made mistakes causing widespread destruction.

Maybe this is true, maybe it is fiction. However, if such a virus existed, it would remain in the brains of all humans, perhaps all mammals. The standard process used for determination of frequencies was applied to the top of the head and the current form of the virus was found along with several strains.
Testing these viral frequencies with fellow researchers caused remarkable effects. Running them focuses primarily the top of the brain, yet these viruses are embedded in the DNA of all our cells. As a result, the frequencies will need to be run for an extended time period repeatedly to remove these viruses.
An expansion and clarity of thinking occur with these frequencies, elevating your IQ and allowing you to better focus and get more done. Constant vivid dreams are often noticed after running them. For some, there are significant herxheimer responses. Residual swine flu organisms flare up, for example. One researcher said removing these viruses felt like an exorcism and was not pleasant at all. Others report only exhilaration and a feeling of being released from prison. The end result, in all cases, was positive.
Running the frequencies will, at a minimum, cause minor symptoms of the common cold. I suspect eliminating these viruses will improve immunity to colds and flu. As always, use these frequencies only for research purposes and at your own risk. Please report any results positive or negative for the benefit of other researchers.

Regular updates of these frequencies are available to Frequency Research Foundation subscribers.
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