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Jeff Sutherland

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Real Science: Antiaging Formula 216

In the 1970’s I worked with Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling (source of photo) to start a Vitamin C study at the United States Military Academy where I was a Professor of Mathematics. Unfortunately, the administration said we could not experiment on cadets. I met all of Linus’s colleagues studying Vitamin C at the time including Irving Stone. When I moved the University of Colorado Medical School as a Professor of Radiology, Preventive Medicine, and Biometrics, I cofounded the Center for Vitamins and Cancer Research with Kedar Prasad who is still writing books and papers on Vitamin C.

Linus knew the blood level of Vitamin C needed to be high. What mattered was not the amount of Vitamin C you took, but the constant level in the blood. Humans used to have a gene that produced Vitamin C automatically as needed but this was turned off during our evolution.

Researchers have found that an olive based supplement turns Vitamin C production back on. The Riordan Clinic has been the site for studying this phenomenon. I know about the Riordan Clinic because of a business relationship with Verne Harnish who is Vice Chairman. On business conference tours with him around the world he has made the case that the Riordan Clinic is one of the leading clinics in the United States.

Comments from the Riordan Clinic web site below show why this is one of the most amazing discoveries in anti-aging research in recent years. Everyone should take advantage of this!


The olive extract was assembled into a dietary supplement with co-factors (zinc, vitamins A & D, and bioflavonoids) that activate white blood cells. This formulation of nutrients has been branded under the trade name FORMULA-216.

Let’s go back to those lab animals. When vitamin C levels were dietarily restored in GULO-gene flawed mice, they lived 24 months, as long as the mice that naturally secreted vitamin C. These C-supplemented animals lived most of their lives without the visible symptoms of aging – grey hair, wrinkles and diminished vision. Could this be achieved in humans?

The possibility of achieving healthy longevity in humans via correction of this gene flaw became real. The vitamin C-fortified lab animals lived 2.7 times longer than animals with a dysfunctional GULO gene. If this data were extrapolated to humans who now live 60-80 years, then humans could live an astounding 162-216 years. That is how FORMULA-216 got its name.

The first results are in

FORMULA-216 was put to the test at Riordan Clinic. The urine levels of the first five human subjects showed elevated amounts of vitamin C were being excreted. Research moved forward to blood tests – on average, vitamin C blood levels doubled in all five subjects taking FORMULA-216! These test subjects achieved blood concentrations similar to the long-living laboratory mice. Did the ingredients in FORMULA-216 edit the flawed GULO gene?

More intriguing, it appears FORMULA-216 facilitates a 24-7 production of vitamin C – that is, it is the world’s first stress-responsive vitamin C pill.

Some of the initial anecdotal reports received from FORMULA-216 users include sharper visual acuity, fast recovery from colds and sore throats, and even abolishment of hangover symptoms. Is this really happening?