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Jeff Sutherland

Twice the Energy with Half the Stress

Twice the Energy with Half the Stress! (bonus weight loss)

The goal of the Frequency Research Foundation is to use our Photoanalysis Remote Rife Clinic to deliver measurable results to clients that gives them twice the energy with half the stress. This translates into better health and well-being and the ability to be twice as productive in a much more enjoyable work environment.

We measure these results using the best available technology, the Garmin Fenix7 Sapphire Solar watch or alternatively the lower cost Venu SQ 2 which have Body Battery software. These watches track 24/7 multiple physical performance parameters and compute energy level (Body Battery) along with stress level. Below we have the energy level over 50% and rising at the end of the day. This is extremely unusual and only possible with frequency work. The client is getting a lot of financial business accomplished entering into a flow state with stress really low allowing energy to rise while working hard!

Biofeedback from real time information combined with frequency work in our Photoanalysis Remote Rife Clinic eliminates health conditions that cause stress, physical or emotional. Let’s look deeper at this with the full day of data captured on the iPhone from the watch. The day started with high Body Battery and an hour of exercise on an elliptical machine dropped energy level by 20 points. The watch blanks out stress levels which will be high during this period because it is positive stress. The Body Battery then levels off and starts trending up towards the end of the day as the client gets into a flow state. Several frequency sets had been run on the client at the beginning of the day to clear the body of pathogens. Any infection, particularly COVID-19+ drives the stress level high up into the orange.

This client was using the next level of automated sampling of body data with the program which monitors glucose levels 24/7. The one hour on the elliptical machine dropped glucose levels by over 20 points. The client then had lunch which causes the upward trend in glucose in early afternoon. The client has used the Scrum Agile process to iterate on the information provided and found that if his goal is health, longevity, and productivity then he needs to get into a flow state when working and also improve his health by decreasing his weight to the same weight he had as a gymnast in college. Since he wants to learn something new every morning to improve performance, he has found that watching YouTube while on the elliptical can drive his glucose down and this decreases his weight by an average of 0.4 pounds per day (while never getting hungry!)

The client is driving aggressively towards his 165 pound college gymnast body weight systematically. Weight is going down smoothly every day except when glucose spikes occur, which he learns to avoid. He has found that he is never hungry with glucose levels at 120 and eating in that state is by habit only. If this pushes his glucose levels up over 140 he has brain fog and cravings for ice cream sundies, a recipe for disaster.

He has learned the tips and tricks that allow him to eat the right thing at the right time based on real time body monitoring at 1000 times a second. He can sample a small bit of the sweet stuff after a low carb meal without spiking glucose levels so he is never really hungry and does not feel deprived.

Frequency Research Foundation has had some small success is helping weight reduction over the last 20 years with the FatBuster frequencies which kill pathogens known to generate weight gain. Now we can systematically drive weight to the target of choice with glucose monitoring.

The future of medicine is to use the Agile iterative process of Scrum to use real time data to remove impediments to health, longevity, and performance. The Photoanalysis Remote Rife Clinic provides the support to enable this process at a reasonable cost. As Einstein said, “the future of medicine is frequencies.”