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Residual COVID – Everyone Has It

All types of disease catogories are appearing anonymously in individuals with a negative COVID test. Sudden Adult Death Syndrome is just the latest label given to patients who physicians don’t understand. Recently Frequency Research Foundation has worked with people who have lost sensation in the right leg and gone to the emergency room in the middle of the night. Scanning reveals residual COVID strains in right leg. Similarly for a marathon runner who had trouble walking up the stairs because he had problems lifting his right foot. Or a current client with kidney pain. Or a martial artist with throat problems that are mysterious to physicians and might be cancer. Or a sister of one of our staff who passed away mysteriously one night because her heart simply stopped beating.

All of these problems are potentially avoidable by deep scanning of organ systems for residual strains of COVID and elimination of these strains through remote frequency work. If clients have their own frequency hardware frequencies can be applied locally as well.

The basic frequencies for this work are free globally under a Creative Commons Share and Share Alike license. Detailed COVID strain frequencies are available free to subscribers or for a small charge to non-subcribers.

Those familiar with frequency work often chose to be part of our clinic program to get scanned every week with remote frequencies run to clear out their system. The price of this program has been reduced to the price of a monthly supplement so that some clients choose to stay on it indefinitely.

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