COVID-19 Contagious Vaccinosis and Protein Disruptor Frequencies Version 9.0


Contagious vaccinosis is an emerging problem and the new Delta strain is particularly dangerous for the vaccinated.

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Contagious vaccinosis has become a problem as more people are vaccinated and the new Delta strain is particularly dangerous for the vaccinated.

Ongoing research shows most COVID-19 virus strains can be managed by an Ivermectin/Doxycline/Zinc protocol and these strains have specific protein disruptor frequencies which disable the protein mechanisms that allow the SARS-CoV-2 virus to replicate. See FLCCC protocol. Some strains are resistant to Ivermectin and may be responsive to Hydroxycloroquine. These strains have a separate protein pathway. A few viral strains are resistant to both Ivermectin and Hydroxycloroquine and follow different protein pathway mechanisms. This update includes protein disruptor frequencies for mutant UK strains B.1.1.7 and the new Delta strains.

COVID-19 is a disease which means it is a set of symptoms. The root cause involves the SARS-COV-2 virus. This is a flu virus so it is hosted by a larger organism which is the usual cause of infection. In this case it is a bat virus hosted by the prevotella bacteria. This bacteria will pick up other pathogens as it circulates around the globe. However, this syndrome stirs up latent pathogens in the body causing complications. The prevotella bacteria hosts the virus after the initial infection clears up. Then it flares up repeatedly when prevotella release the virus in the absence of high levels of Vitamin C in the blood. Most COVID-19 headaches are caused by the HMRV virus which is found in about 30 million Americans because of contaminated vaccine and blood products. Mycobacterium tuberculosis is commonly found with SARS-COV-2 infections. These cofactors along with opportunistic pneumonia pathogens create lung problems in people deficient in Vitamin C or Vitamin D. Multiple recent studies show there have been zero hospital admissions with individuals with high blood levels of Vitamins D (greater than 40 on standard blood test).

The NY Times posted the detailed sequence of how COVID-19 attacks cells. It listed every protein and how each works. #…n-protein.html  Frequencies for each of these proteins can be run on any Rife device.

The frequencies have undergone more intensive testing and updates. In addition, frequencies for the HIV proteins embedded in the DNA have been added. See Epoch News video documentary.

These frequencies are free and released under a Creative Commons license. This means anyone can use it by citing source and if they change it they have to share.

These frequencies seem to clear most of the virus in any person or building within a day. They do not eliminate the cofactors which you can read about at…-for-covid-19/

A person is like a disk drive and a virus is a program on the hard disk.  These frequencies erase the SARS-COV-2 program and reduce the risk of the COVID-19 syndrome.

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