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Jeff Sutherland

Twice the Energy with Half the Stress

Long COVID and Body Stress

Long COVID and Body Stress

Multiple sources report that Long COVID symptoms affect somewhere between 30% and 70% of the population. China reports 57%. Do your own fact checking. Information is widely available.

This means you have all sorts of strange symptoms which your doctor cannot diagnose and does not know how to treat. One of them is constant stress on your body.

Today we have the first really usable device to monitor your body using the Garmin Fenix watch Body Battery. For an overview view see this previous report.

The image above shows a clients Body Battery and stress reading during sleep. Body Battery did not go up properly during sleep due to high stress. Using the applied kinesthesiology testing we use at Frequency Foundation, we investigated the source of these stress. As discussed previously, stress comes primarily from three factors: (1) mental and emotion stress, (2) environmental stress, (3) pathogens or toxins in the body disrupting normal function.

In this case, the cause was determined to be a specific strain of COVID-19. Using our Photoanalysis Frequency Clinic tools we developed a computer program to generate remote frequency application for the client. Today we can even identify the projected molecular weight of a drug that would cure this condition. Brilliant scientists in the Spooky2 global research community developed a formula for translating the molecular weight of a drug into a electromagnetic frequency that can simulate the effects of the drug.

This formula requires mathematical and computer science expertise to implement as it involves very large numbers such as the speed of light and Avogadro’s number. Using other known physical parameters like Plancks constant, we can compute, using special large number libraries, the pseudo-drug frequencies. As this is a really large number we need to calculate a lower octave of that number to generate a frequency that can be created by current frequency devices like the F-165 or Spooky2 frequency generators. We have shown previously that scalar octaves work best.

These technology advances have been added to programs at the Photoanalysis Frequency Clinic that radically improves it as a tool for addressing Long COVID problems.

How can we best interpret these frequencies which are essentially a pseudo-drug that the body says it needs? First, all chemical reactions are at the lowest level electronic in nature. We are moving around electrons and frequencies impact this electron flow. Second, there is interesting research showing that a single pathogen has difficulty overwhelming the body’s immune defense. There are always multiple pathogens interacting to overcome the immune system. Inserting the right frequency into this mix of interacting pathogens seems to cripple the mechanism of action and free up the immune system to clear the body of invasive organisms, toxins, or simply an erroneous state of operation that we see commonly on our computers when a reboot is needed.

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