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Jeff Sutherland

Twice the Energy with Half the Stress

Embracing Zen in Healthcare: The TEHS Framework and the Art of Boiling an Egg

In the realm of wellness and health optimization, the integration of simplicity and mindfulness paves the way for profound improvements in our daily lives. The TEHS Scrum Framework for Health and Performance, renowned for its emphasis on efficiency through the fundamental principles of physics, finds a harmonious counterpart in the Zen philosophy of healthcare. At the Frequency Research Foundation, we constantly explore methodologies that not only enhance physical health but also elevate mental well-being. In this spirit, we delve into the seemingly mundane task of boiling an egg, unveiling its potential as a vessel for mindfulness, balance, and the practical application of the TEHS philosophy.

Understanding the TEHS Framework

The TEHS Framework, standing for “Twice the Energy, Half the Stress,” champions the idea that significant health and performance enhancements can be achieved through straightforward, universally applicable actions. It underscores the importance of efficiency, balance, and the reduction of stress through simple yet effective means.

The Zen of Boiling an Egg

Boiling an egg, a task most would consider trivial, embodies the essence of Zen in healthcare. It’s an act that demands mindfulness, patience, and a focus on the present, aligning perfectly with the principles of the TEHS Framework. Here, we outline the steps to achieve the perfect boiled egg, each stage reflecting a deeper connection to mindfulness and well-being:

  1. Soft-Boiled Egg: Boil for 4 to 5 minutes for a creamy, runny yolk. This consistency symbolizes the fluidity and adaptability essential in our approach to health.
  1. Medium-Boiled Egg: A 6 to 7-minute boil yields a firmer, yet soft yolk, embodying balance—a core tenet of both Zen and the TEHS philosophy.
  1. Hard-Boiled Egg: For a solid, fully cooked egg, 9 to 12 minutes is ideal, representing the solidity and structure we aim for in our health regimen.

Tips for Perfection: Start with room-temperature eggs to prevent cracking, gently place them in boiling water, and cool in cold water post-boil for easy peeling.

Incorporating Zen in Egg Boiling

Transforming egg boiling into a Zen practice encapsulates the essence of the TEHS Framework. Here’s how each step can be a mindfulness exercise:

  • Mindful Preparation: Engage fully with the process, from the water’s sound to the anticipation of the meal.
  • Observation and Patience: Watch the boiling water and the cooking eggs as a practice in patience and living in the moment.
  • Gratitude and Enjoyment: Upon completion, express gratitude for the nourishment provided, savoring the egg’s texture and taste.

At the Frequency Research Foundation, we believe in the power of integrating holistic, mindful practices into everyday life. The simple act of boiling an egg, guided by the principles of the TEHS Framework and imbued with Zen mindfulness, becomes more than just food preparation—it becomes a ritual that nurtures both body and soul. It is a testament to how, even in the smallest of actions, we can find balance, energy, and a path to enhanced well-being.

There are two ways we can measure the elevation of energy and lowering of stress. One is by using Heartmath’s Inner Balance app which helps to access a healthy and high-performance state called heart coherence, where your heart and brain are in sync — this helps you prevent or reduce stress, anxiety, and overwhelm, improve health and performance, and clear your thinking for more effective choices to live a healthier, happier life.

Through biofeedback you can adjust your energy and stress levels. The best way to measure the effect is to monitor your energy and stress constantly without having to think about it using analytics on Garmin watches. Mindfulness and gratitude from boiling an egg or 15 minutes of any meditative practice in the morning can stabilize your energy at at a high level while radically reducing stress. Here is what it looks like:

An intermediate practitioner of the TEHS Scrum Framework for Health and Performance can stabilize energy above 70% and stress below 25% for extended periods. An expert can get it energy over 90% and stress below 5%. Here you enter the zone where time disappears and work becomes effortless. This is ideally how you feel when boiling the egg!

This approach to health, emphasizing simplicity, mindfulness, and universality, mirrors our foundation’s ethos. We encourage our readers to embrace these moments of Zen in their daily routines, discovering the profound impact of mindfulness on overall health and performance. Join us in exploring the boundless possibilities that lie in the convergence of science, simplicity, and spirituality in healthcare.

The TEHS Scrum Framework For Health and Performance: Harnessing Physics for Universal Health and Performance Enhancement

In the vast landscape of health and wellness, where strategies are often finely tuned to specific demographics or medical conditions, the TEHS (Twice the Energy, Half the Stress) Scrum Framework for Health and Performance emerges as a universal solution. Rooted firmly in the immutable laws of physics—unlike the variable and often subjective principles of medicine—TEHS paves a novel, equitable path for enhancing health and performance that is accessible to everyone with measurable improvements visible on wearable devices. It stands as a testament to the power of science in transcending conventional health paradigms, offering a holistic strategy that is both profound and inclusive.

The Universality of Physics in Health

Medicine may vary in its approach and effectiveness across different populations, but physics remains constant, its laws unwavering and universally applicable. This foundational principle of universality underpins the TEHS Framework, distinguishing it as a unique and inclusive model for health and wellness. By harnessing these consistent laws, TEHS crafts an approach to health improvement that knows no boundaries, making it a versatile tool for everyone, regardless of their starting point.

Application of Force and Mass in Health

Newton’s Second Law of Motion (F = ma) serves as a perfect metaphor within the TEHS Framework, illustrating the potential for health enhancement through the application of physics:

  • Force is the effort we exert towards our health, encompassing activities such as exercise, nutritional planning, and stress management. It is determined by our energy level as measured by analytics used to train Olympic teams.
  • Mass represents our current health state, the ‘load’ we bear, including any illnesses, stress, or physical challenges. This is reflect in level of stress measureable on your wearable device.
  • Acceleration reflects the improvement in our health and well-being, a measurable outcome of our efforts. This is enabled by rapid experiments built into the Scrum framework that support increasing energy while reducing stress.

This analogy not only simplifies the concept of health enhancement but also makes it universally relatable and applicable.

Consistency and Predictability in Health Enhancement

Adopting the principles of physics, the TEHS Framework offers a reliable and predictable model for health improvement. It assures us that the same ‘force’ applied to any ‘mass’ will result in consistent ‘acceleration’ towards better health, irrespective of individual differences. This predictability is a cornerstone of TEHS, promising a straightforward path to enhanced well-being for anyone willing to apply the framework.

Equal Opportunity for Health and Performance

The true beauty of TEHS lies in its democratic nature. It champions the idea that health improvement is a universal right, attainable by all through the application of simple, physics-based principles. This approach not only democratizes health and wellness but also serves as a powerful equalizer in the face of health disparities.

With TEHS, we aim to discover straightforward activities that yield similar benefits for everyone, from Olympic athletes to bedridden seniors. Imagine both individuals experiencing the same rate of improvement in their health and performance, akin to the way physical laws, like gravity, apply uniformly to all objects, regardless of their composition. Unlike medical treatments, which may have varying effects across different genders or ethnicities, the principles of physics—and by extension, our TEHS interventions—are universally applicable. These strategies are designed to be remarkably simple, such that even tasks as easy as boiling an egg can be adapted to enhance your energy and reduce stress.

Implementing TEHS in Daily Life

Implementing the TEHS Framework involves understanding and applying its core principles tailored to one’s unique health state or ‘mass’:

  • Tailored Force Application: The key lies in customizing the intensity and type of your health interventions to match your specific needs and goals.
  • Monitor Progress: By measuring improvements in health, akin to tracking acceleration in physics, we can see the tangible benefits of our efforts.
  • Adjust as Needed: Flexibility is critical. Adjusting the ‘force’ based on ongoing results ensures continuous improvement and adaptation to changing health conditions.

The TEHS Scrum Framework for Health and Performance empowers us to view health and performance enhancement through the precise and reliable lens of physics. By embracing its universal principles, we forge a health strategy that is inclusive, effective, and fair, breaking free from the constraints and biases that often limit traditional health approaches. Through TEHS, we embrace a future where health improvement is accessible to all, grounded in the timeless laws of physics that guide our universe.

The TEHS Framework for Health and Performance: Powering Up Your Daily Life

In our relentless pursuit of a healthier, more vibrant life, we often overlook the fundamental principles that govern our very existence. The TEHS (Twice the Energy, Half the Stress) Framework for Health and Performance harmonizes these principles in a revolutionary approach. Drawing inspiration from basic physics, this framework enhances our daily living in ways we might never have imagined. By tapping into the science that underlies the natural world, TEHS offers insights that are both profound and practical, promising a journey towards wellness that is both enlightening and effective.

The Essence of Work and Power in Health

Physics defines work as the product of force and distance (W = Fd), and power as the rate at which work is done over time (P = W/t). Translating these concepts into the realm of health and wellness imbues them with new, meaningful dimensions.

Work: The Effort for Health

Consider ‘work’ as the effort you invest in your health and well-being. This includes everything from physical exercise to mental and emotional therapies, dietary changes, and stress reduction techniques. Each step you take towards a healthier self is, in this context, an act of ‘work’ that contributes to your overall wellness. This broad definition encourages us to see health-related efforts as holistic and interconnected, underscoring the importance of a comprehensive approach to well-being.

Power: Efficiency and Effectiveness

‘Power’ within the TEHS Framework is about maximizing efficiency and effectiveness. It’s not just the volume of effort but the quality and the pace at which you achieve desirable health outcomes. By focusing on high-impact strategies, we can make significant health advancements without necessarily increasing the time or energy expended. This principle encourages us to think strategically about our health, seeking out the most effective methods to achieve our goals.

Twice the Energy, Half the Stress

The core of the TEHS Framework revolves around doubling energy and halving stress. This is achieved through:

  • Identifying and implementing high-impact health interventions.
  • Emphasizing sustainable practices that integrate seamlessly into daily routines.
  • Adopting a holistic approach to health that considers physical, mental, and emotional dimensions.

Measurable Results

We use analytics to monitor energy and stress 24 hours a day. Every experiment in enhancement of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual help will increase or decrease energy and/or stress. FirstBeat is a Finnish company that trains Olympic teams for over 7 countries. Their analytics embedded in the Garmin watch can give you biofeedback to make you a better person.

Here is a trained practitioner of the TEHS Framework that has a stable and very high Body Battery with stress below 5%.


The top blue line in energy level which went down 9 points after getting up and running around in the morning, then settling down to work in a home office. The practitioner has done very specific things to setup an environment where energy is actually increasing 10 points while working and stress is going consistently down to below 5%. We use a metric Personal Power = Body Battery/Stress = 93/5 so this person has 18.6 times the Power to get things done. In fact, when these metrics appear, the person enters the zone where time disappears and work feels effortless. Happiness is a byproduct.

Applying the TEHS Framework

Implementing the TEHS Framework involves several key steps, each designed to enhance your health and performance. The first driving principle is to learn something new every day and use it to make yourself better as measured on the watch.

  • Set Realistic Goals: Begin with clear, achievable objectives. Precise targets act as a roadmap, guiding your journey towards improved health.
  • Choose High-Impact Activities: Favor activities that deliver the greatest benefits for the least effort. This efficient approach to exercise and wellness maximizes your results without overwhelming your schedule. The TEHS Framework uses the rapid iterations of the Scrum framework to accelerate towards better health and performance in small steps.
  • Mindfulness and Stress Reduction: Integrating mindfulness practices into your daily routine can significantly lower stress levels and enhance mental clarity, offering a serene counterbalance to the hustle and bustle of modern life. Done first thing in the morning, achieving a state of gratitude and setting a direction for the day with set your body to maintain higher energy and lower stress throughout the day.
  • Nutritional Efficiency: Emphasize nutrient-dense foods to fuel your body and support your health goals, optimizing your diet for both energy and satisfaction. For example, practitioners have found that organic juicing or A1 Greens as an easy alternative maintains significantly higher energy and lower stress throughout the day. Longevity experts are monitoring glucose today and new watch technology can sample glucose levels on your wrist non-invasively.
  • Pathogen Removal: Any infection will raise stress and lower energy. COVID and COVID flue infections which are common will lower energy below 50% and raise stress about 50%. When this happens you won’t want to get anything done except going to sleep. A key enabler of Body Battery over 90% and stress below 5% is our Photoanalysis Remote Rife Clinic specifically focused on the FirstBeat analytics data on the Garmin watch.
  • Rest and Recovery: Quality sleep and relaxation are foundational to recharging both body and mind, essential for sustaining energy levels and facilitating recovery.

The TEHS Framework for Health and Performance offers more than just a set of guidelines; it presents a new paradigm for looking at our daily routines and lifestyle choices. By applying the principles of work and power to our health endeavors, we unlock remarkable improvements in our overall well-being. Embrace this framework, and empower your daily life with enhanced energy and reduced stress, guiding you towards the health and performance you’ve always desired.

TEHS Scrum Framework: Revolutionizing Health and Performance

When it comes to health and performance, we’re always on the lookout for innovative methods to enhance our daily routines. The TEHS Scrum Framework for Health and Performance is one such revolution, making performance tuning as effortless as shooting ducks in a barrel. Recently, I had a riveting conversation with a performance expert on Slack, which brought to light the efficacy of this framework.

Let’s dive into how this works, using a personal experience to illustrate the power of the TEHS Scrum Framework.

A Day with Acupuncture Sandals: An Energy Odyssey

Imagine slipping into a pair of sandals and embarking on an energy-generating odyssey. That’s exactly what happened when I donned my Kenkoh Spirit V sandals for a 30-minute elliptical workout. Initially, the sensation was intense—almost too much to walk on—but the energy benefits were undeniable. Marketed as foot-massaging marvels, these sandals are available at Happy Feet Plus, a haven for those seeking comfort and vitality through footwear.

The TEHS Scrum Framework in Action

Now, let’s talk about the TEHS Scrum Framework’s role in my day. The graph from my fitness tracker depicted a decline in my body battery throughout the morning. This dip was partly due to running some COVID frequencies, a souvenir my wife brought back from her physician’s office.

However, an interesting phenomenon occurred during my workout. The app temporarily blocked out the stress histogram, a period when I was actively using the elliptical, and then reactivated it post-exercise. The workout cost me nine points due to stress, but then the body battery plateaued and began to rise in the afternoon.

Despite the intensity of my afternoon—juggling tasks for multiple companies—my body battery trended upwards. This remarkable recovery can be credited to the acupuncture sandals. Testing energetically post-exercise revealed that my body’s energy had doubled compared to pre-exercise levels—a rare occurrence without the sandals. An hour later, this increase was visually confirmed on the graph.

The TEHS Takeaway

The beauty of the TEHS Scrum Framework lies in its ability to make health and performance optimization tangible. With the right tools—like a pair of acupuncture sandals and a reliable fitness tracker—monitoring and adjusting for optimal energy levels becomes a straightforward process.

The graph is a testament to this. It captures not just the physical cost of exercise but also the rejuvenation that follows. It’s a clear indicator that with the TEHS Scrum Framework, we can manage our energy much like we manage tasks in a sprint – systematically and with precision.

Integrating TEHS Scrum Framework with Daily Life

What’s truly remarkable is how the TEHS Scrum Framework integrates into our daily lives. It’s not about one-off improvements but a sustained and strategic approach to wellness. Like a sprint in the Scrum methodology, where each task is approached with focus and followed by a period of review and adaptation, the framework emphasizes continuous tuning of our health and performance parameters.

By incorporating tools such as the Kenkoh Spirit V sandals into our routines, we’re able to introduce micro-stimulations that bolster our energy post-exercise, counteracting the typical fatigue that follows a workout. This aligns perfectly with the TEHS Scrum Framework, which advocates for small, frequent adjustments to optimize our health and performance over time.

Simplifying Wellness

In conclusion, the TEHS Scrum Framework for Health and Performance simplifies the complex world of wellness. It equips us with the strategy and tools to make informed decisions about our health. The data from wearables like my fitness watch serve as a guide, illustrating the immediate impact of our choices and the potential for recovery and enhancement.

By embracing this framework, we can transform our daily health management into a well-oiled process, much like a Scrum team operates – with agility, awareness, and adaptability. It’s time we start looking at health and performance through the lens of the TEHS Scrum Framework – where every action is purposeful and every recovery is strategic. Let’s make tuning our performance as simple, and satisfying, as shooting ducks in a barrel.