Antiaging Frequencies Service


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Monthly transmission of antiaging frequencies.

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One of the primary goas of the Frequency Research Foundation is to enable clients to live longer and healthier lives. There are dozens of research papers showing specific details on how to extend life of animals and humans. In the last few years, leading research labs at Harvard and elsewhere have been able to reverse ageing in animals.

At the Frequency Research Lab we have carefully incorporated the latest findings in the research literature into several proprietary frequency sets. These have been tested on physicians and Ph.D researchers for several years for safety and effectiveness. As new research appears in the medical journals the frequencies are continuously updated.

This service provides transmission of three sets of antiaging frequencies multiple times a month.

1. Yamanaka factors – resets the age of your cells from your calendar age to early 20’s or younger
2. Telomerase factors – lengthens your telomeres
3. Smart drugs – improves cognition

Personal remote testing testing determines how many times remote transmission in one month gives good results. As always there is a money back guarantee.


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