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With the purchase of a Photo Analysis and Frequency Consultation, you will contacted by a Registered Nurse to develop a plan to achieve your goals. See detailed description for the process.

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With the purchase of a Photo Analysis and Frequency Consultation, you will be contacted by a Registered Nurse to determine purpose of the consultation and your current health condition.

  1. Based on your objectives you will be scanned remotely by a Hunter 4025 or other scanner that will look at ever organ system in body and prioritize those than need attention.
  2. Pathogens, toxins, heavy metals, etc. will be identified in specific organ systems.
  3. Frequencies will be identified to neutralize these issues which are affecting your health.
  4. Advanced technology lab equipment will be used to transmit these frequencies to you or your environment.
  5. A Registered Nurse will contact you after a couple of days to review with you what was done, and update priorities for the next session.
  6. This payment covers two scans in a one month period.
  7. Many clients continue this service month to month for preventive maintenance.

Photos required need to be unmodified RAW photos of at least 2MB in size. Different cameras have different types of unretouched images and any will do.  If the photo is taken using a tripod it will double the resolution. The size and resolution of the photo are directly proportional to the power output of remote frequency transmission. Even older Android and iPhones can provide these photos but you may need an App to generate an unretouched format. Even the latest iPhone in normal mode will retouch your photo and make it fuzzy to frequencies. However the newer iPhones allow you to turn on RAW mode and generate over 12MG DNG images which are a dozen times better than most other photos.

High resolution photos required are described in a downloadable document you can access after signing up for this service. Also downloadable is a release form that must be signed and returned.

3 reviews for PhotoAnalysis Frequency Clinic

  1. Carlos Augusto Martinez

    Dr sutherland

    I have in my family a patient who has right breast cancer and we want to know if it is possible to perform a distance treatment by sending her photo.

    Thank you

    • Jeff Sutherland

      The photoanalysis service provides supportive frequencies.

  2. jnanananda (verified owner)

    I have been working with Dr Sutherland for two years now on various health issues as they have arisen and have had tremendous success. He worked on a long standing lung infection I had and completely eliminated it. After 30 years of reoccurring bronchitis it is such a blessing to be free of every cold turning into a lung issue. It is a great service and I would encourage anyone who has a health issue to try it. – it really works.

  3. Shauna

    Hi , this sounds good but I see that one can only find out what the photograph requirements are after one has already paid. This I find problematic and lacking in transparency because I would love to sign up for a treatment of Photo Analysis but I am not a very technical person and I also read somewhere that I’d need something like an IPhone 12 or something to take the photo – which I don’t have and don’t want to buy as I’m happy with the 3-year-old Android smartphone that I have. Can you or anyone advise on the photo requirements?
    Thank you!

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