Annual Frequency Subscription

$225.00 for 1 year

All newly updated frequencies, including all frequencies from previous years.

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Subscribing will get you all newly updated frequencies for the current year and all frequencies from previous years from the world’s largest repository of frequency sets. You must login to your account and then select purchase product. If you have an active subcription, the price for every product will then be $0. You must go through the purchase process to download the free frequency set and you will not be charged.

You receive unlimited access to the most up-to-date frequency sets. Updates and new sets are published at regular intervals. Always use the latest version of frequencies as they are more effective and minimize herxheimer responses.

Subscriptions expire one year from the date of purchase, at which time access will end pending subscription renewal.

Frequency Research Foundation sets cover thousands of pathogens and toxins and target all aspects of a micro-organism. Some frequencies affect the energy system of the body as pathogens alter the frequency spectrum around energy centers. Others target DNA. Other frequencies causes resonance that shatters organisms. Pathogens like viruses set up a virus factory in a cell that creates many byproducts to support virus manufacture, most of them toxic. Some frequencies affect enzyme producti0n other cellular functions. FRF frequency sets address all these issues and are quick and effective at removing organisms from biological systems because they are comprehensively tested and constantly based on research with human and animal clients.


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