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Jeff Sutherland

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Antiaging – Telomerase 4.0

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Antiaging – Telomerase 4.0

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Frequencies that stimulate telomerase cause the telomeres on your cells to lengthen. As cells divide, the telomeres on the end of the DNA strands decrease until aging and associated diseases of aging kill you. These frequencies appear to be more effective than supplements. However, TeloSC, the current leading telomerase supplement is recommended along with these frequencies.

Use of these frequencies along with supplements lengthened short telomeres compared to average telomere length in a recent lab analysis. Stimulating telomerase enzyme is known to preferentially lengthen shorter telomeres.

Telomerase 4.0 adds frequencies from “Energy Balancing by Numbers” which provides useful numbers for the spoken word which can activate health effects. These numbers have been converted to electronic frequencies.

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