Biofilms – Version 8.0


Biofilms – Version 8.0 is based on decades of research and has over 1200 biofilm frequency sets.

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Biofilms – Version 8.0 is the 1918 release of 1226 biofilm programs. Thousands of updates and many more bacterial strains have been added.  Use of the new Hunter 4025 scanning technology has allowed more precise identification of specific pathogens in some cases.
Most of the 600 strains of periodontal biofilms DNA sequenced by the National Institutes of Health are now  in this series of programs plus many others. Most strains of lyme disease borrelia are included. Nanobacteria and other biofilms associated with Altzheimers can be found here. Biofilms are associated with all major disease categories. There is even a new program that targets abdominal fat.
Recent research has focused on biofilm involvement in tumors. All tumors (benign and malignant) are infected with biofilms. The relationship of causation of tumors by biofilms is still being researched. It appears that many so-called Rife frequencies are really components of biofilms.
There is a huge amount of academic research on biofilms. See Montana State University Center for Biofilm Engineering for the basics, as well as access to papers from dozens of conferences. For example, most people have biofilms forming calcification in their joints and arteries.


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