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Parasites – Version 1.0

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Parasites – Version 1.0

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Contains the most common parasites passed around by the flu in recent years plus some parasites commonly seen in Lyme disease. Run Geoengineering program before targeting parasites.

There are thousands of parasites and everyone is infected with hundreds of them. Global 24/7/365 spraying of nano-aluminum, barium, and other toxins in the atmosphere combined with glycophosphate contamination of all food causes parasite infections which help remove the toxins.

Parasites are the major transmission route for flu, involved in all cancers, and carry with them other viruses, bacteria, fungi, mycoplasma, and other pathogens and toxins. Malaria, giardia and rosacea are just a few of the hundreds of medical conditions caused by parasites.

Only a few parasites can be identified by lab tests and then usually only in the stool in one out of five samples. Even when identified, conventional medicine offers only toxic medications which are often ineffective.

Parasites are easily eliminated from the body within a few hours with the correct frequencies. Each parasite strain requires multiple frequencies to knock out each stage of the life cycle plus frequencies to knock out critical proteins.

The complexity of multiple frequencies and multiple strains makes it difficult for most researchers to systematically eliminate parasites. Frequency Foundation has spent more than two decades of research to be able to do this consistently and effectively with frequencies only.

Our database has evolved to many thousands of parasite strains, each with up to 30 frequencies to eliminate them. Frequency Research Foundation subscribers requested that they be posted online so they can do database searches for specific frequencies which are useful. Over the next few months, the entire research database on parasites will be made available to subscribers.

Get this for FREE with an Annual Frequency Subscription or Fleas 1.1, or log in if you are already a subscriber.

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