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Frequency Products

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Epstein-Barr Virus – Version 5.0

Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) is a chronic condition in a large segment of the population causing many negative health effects.
0 Reviews

Eyes – Version 1.1

A variety of viruses, biofilms, fungi and other organisms cause eye problems including cataracts and macular degeneration.
0 Reviews

FatBuster – Version 4.0

2022 upgrade to one of our most popular products!For many years the Frequency Foundation has been identifying frequencies which help remove fat, particularly from the gut.
0 Reviews

Find That Frequency: Find or Develop Frequency Set for Specific Pathogen

Create a comprehensive frequency set for a specific pathogen.
0 Reviews

FL1953 – Protomyxzoa rheumatica – Funneliformis mosseae Version 1.5

Image from Fry, S. Medical Research Archives, vol. 5, issue 12, December 2017 A fungus is the most debilitating coinfection in Lyme disease.
0 Reviews

Flu 2019 Version 1.1

Flu viruses are distributed primarily by airborne parasites that contain a package of pathogens that are difficult to eliminate.
0 Reviews

Fukushima Radiation Complex – Version 2.1

The Fukishima radiation complex appears regularly on the hadoscan for people throughout the United States.
0 Reviews

GcMAF/Nagalase – Version 4.1

Always run Naglase for viruses and cancer. Physicians recommend 10,000 units of Vitamin D a day to promote effects of GcMAF.
0 Reviews

Geoengineering Pathogens – Version 7.0

Aerial spraying infects the body with heavy metals, debilitating pathogens, and other toxic substances causing respiratory problems, parasite infections, and many other negative health effects.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sign up for Photoanalysis or Annual Subscription?

  1. Go to and click on Shop, then Photoanalysis or Subscription.
  2. An Annual Subscription is for those who have their own equipment and can determine which frequencies to use on their own from an extensive database of frequencies.
  3. Photoanalysis is for those who need help determining frequencies. It includes frequencies for home use if equipment is available as well as remote transmission from our laboratory equipment.
  4. Once you have a subscription you must sign in, search for frequencies you want, and put them in the cart. The price should be $0.0. When you check out you will be able to download the frequencies. If price is not $0.0 contact Frequency Foundation immediately and do not check out.
  5. A low cost option is available for those who know what pathogen they need frequencies for from a lab or other test – Find That Frequency. This is for those who have equipment to run the frequencies.

How does Photoanalysis work?

  1. Using high resolution digital photos, remote scanning of all organ systems is done with one or more of four scanners – Biofilia, Hunter 4025, and 2 Hadoscans.
  2. Scanners identify which tissue has low energy (in priority order) and the specific pathogens likely to be the cause of the problem. Homeopathic remedies are also identified that are good complementary therapy for those who have access to remedies.
  3. The Frequency Research Foundation database is searched for the specific frequency set for organisms identified. These frequencies are transmitted remotely. Remote transmission technology today is as good or better than direct contact devises.
  4. Simultaneously, remote muscle testing determines frequencies needed. This may identify pathogens that are not in the scanners database. These are also transmitted.
  5. Feedback is needed within a day or so of any effects (or lack of effect) of frequency transmission. No further scanning or transmission will be done without feedback.

What photos do I need?

  1. The Photoanalysis documentation describes photos needed. A full body photo front and back plus a photo of your dwelling are minimum to get started.
  2. Photos should be taken on the latest model iPhone you have, ideally on a tripod or stable surface using the Moment Pro Camera app which generated raw image files called .DNG files. The latest iPhone will produce over 20MB images. Earlier iPhones produce 12 MB images.
  3. Power of remote transmission is based on size of image an resolution which is affected by stability of the camera. Doing this properly with the Moment Pro Camera app makes remote transmission 50 times as effective.
  4. See Photoanalysis documentation for more details. Recent iPhone Pro models have built in RAW image capabilities which produce DNG files.

What is the recommended lab setup for local application?

  1. The standard lab setup with an SG2 used by Frequency Research Foundation is described at:
  2. The setup for an ABPA is described at:

What is the best Rife machine to use?

  1. Any Rife machine driven by an F100 device can run Frequency Research Foundation sets directly. If the Rife machine is limited in frequency range then scalar octaves can be created programmatically.
  2. Many devices have their own proprietary method of inserting frequencies. In this case manual entry may be tedious.

Can I run frequencies on Spooky 2?

  1. Yes, there is a Spooky 2 conversion tool at
  2. The website tool creates what Spooky calls “presets”. Presets are both 1) the programs (frequency sets) and 2) the settings. In order to load the presets into Spooky, users should put the resulting txt file into their Spooky user directory. The default location for this is: “C:\Spooky2\Preset Collections\User” Users can make sub folders within that location to organize their presets.
  3. Once the preset is placed in that folder, within Spooky users can click on the home-with-a-U icon to take them directly into their user home directory.That icon is on the first tab called “Presets”

What is repeat?

  1. The F100 language has a repeat commend that repeats the program multiple times.
  2. Complete documentation of the F100 language can be downloaded at

Ready to take the next step in your health journey?
Contact Frequency Research Foundation today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our services.

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