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Find That Frequency: Find or Develop Frequency Set for Specific Pathogen

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Find That Frequency: Find or Develop Frequency Set for Specific Pathogen

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Sometime you know the pathogen you need frequencies for but cannot find it anywhere. As Royal Rife pointed out a hundred years ago, you must have exact frequencies for a pathogen or they will not work!

This service will identify or create a comprehensive frequency set for any pathogen you can identify.

Step 1: Review dozens of microscopic and other photos of the pathogen. See example …

Step 2. Identify frequency set of primary strain of organism using Frequency Research Foundation scanning technique.

Step 3: Verify that a specific individual is infected with the organism.

Step 4: Provide frequencies to the individual for testing and modification if required.

Caveat: The requestor must be able to test the frequencies with their own equipment.

Frequency Research Foundation sets cover thousands of pathogens and toxins and target all aspects of a micro-organism. Some frequencies affect the energy system of the body as pathogens alter the frequency spectrum around energy centers. Others target DNA. Other frequencies causes resonance that shatters organisms. Pathogens like viruses set up a virus factory in a cell that creates many byproducts to support virus manufacture, most of them toxic. Some frequencies affect enzyme production other cellular functions. FRF frequency sets address all these issues and are quick and effective at removing organisms from biological systems because they are comprehensively tested and constantly updated based on research with human and animal clients.


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