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ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) Version 2.0

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ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) Version 2.0

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ALS is the most common type of motor neuron disease. Early symptoms of ALS include stiff musclesmuscle twitches, and gradual increasing weakness and muscle wasting. Limb-onset ALS begins with weakness in the arms or legs, while bulbar-onset ALS begins with difficulty speaking or swallowing. Half of the people with ALS develop at least mild difficulties with thinking and behavior, and about 15% develop frontotemporal dementia. Most people experience pain. The affected muscles are responsible for chewing food, speaking, and walking. Motor neuron loss continues until the ability to eat, speak, move, and finally the ability to breathe is lost. ALS eventually causes paralysis and early death, usually from respiratory failure. Wikipedia

ALS has no known cause. Frequency Research Foundation did a Photoanalyis of Lake Moscoma in New Hampshire where clusters of ALS are found. A specific pathogen, apparently a mycobacterium with many strains was identified that is present in many clients and cause pain and disability. The pathogen is also found in MRIs of patients with ALS. It is systemic in the body in nerves and muscles and tends to concentrate is the lower spinal area causing back pain. It appears to be widely spread in the population and may be the cause of much chronic back pain that can progress into ALS if not treated. A recent case allowed identification of many more strains of the pathogen. Rechecking Lake Moscoma indicates all strains are present in the lake.

Clients with this infection will test positive for Global Healing Mycozil – Candida % Fungal Cleanse. This is useful in conjuction with these frequencies.


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