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Jeff Sutherland

Twice the Energy with Half the Stress

Bubonic Plague – Version 2.0

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Bubonic Plague – Version 2.0

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At Frequency Foundation, we’ve made a fascinating discovery: people of Northern European descent, particularly those whose ancestors survived the historic plague epidemics, often carry subclinical traces of the bubonic plague, Yersinia pestis. This presence is typically asymptomatic and might even contribute to a form of natural immunity. However, it can occasionally manifest as increased stress and decreased energy levels, detectable with our TEHS Scrum Framework for Heath and Performance using advanced analytics like on Garmin watches.

Our updated Bubonic Plague Frequency Therapy aims to address these hidden pathogens, enhancing overall well-being. By leveraging precise frequency treatments, we target these traces of Yersinia pestis, aiming to boost the body’s battery to near 80% and reduce stress levels to below 20%. This approach not only helps in maintaining physical health but also promotes a Flow state, making daily activities more enjoyable and efficient, with a heightened sense of timelessness and productivity.

Trained TEHS Practitioner – upper line is Body Battery, lower histogram is stress

Historically, Yersinia pestis has been controlled through antibiotics, but our frequency therapy offers a non-invasive, efficient alternative. Our latest version, Bubonic Plague Version 2.0, is informed by recent global health events, including the swine flu epidemic, during which Yersinia pestis was identified alongside the 1918 swine flu strain in certain regions. This insight has led us to refine our frequency sets to better target this bacterium. And we continually update our frequency sets as we find new strains, old strains mutate, or current frequencies can be improved.

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