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Jeff Sutherland

Twice the Energy with Half the Stress

Limitless (9 volt nirvana) – Version 5.1

1 Review
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Limitless (9 volt nirvana) – Version 5.1

1 Review

  • 09.04.2022

    chuck frank (verified owner)

    Dear Jeff,
    I’ve been running the new freq set for the last 2 days and noticed I’ve been able to absorb more information and easily understand it. I watch youtube videos on how to do things most days, however, my attention span is limited in time and comprehension.
    I watched and absorbed and comprehended the guitar lessons easily and effortlessly, usually I changed the channel after 15 to 20 minutes. I sat through 1.5 to 2 hours on guitar; plus, my hand coordination playing was effortless; then watched and easily absorbed a lecture for 40 minutes on the inner workings of the ear.
    ***Bottom Line>>>>. I’m leaving this on 24/ 7 wow! really excellent research on limitless set.
    Big hearty thanks !
    Chuck Frank
    ***update …. The older version I ran for a few years, I left on 24/7…. this one is more potent & I noticed I didn’t need it on all the time.

National Public Radio produced an excellent Radio Lab podcast called “9 Volt Nirvana” where technology developed by DARPA to improve brain function is tested successfully by NPR reporters. In a video game where a reporter could deal with 2 out of 20 attackers before applying frequencies, she successfully achieved 20 out of 20 a few minutes later after application of the electrodes. The effects lasted for a couple of days and significantly improved her driving experience. All our technologies originated in government labs, however they are significantly improved to be safer, more effective, and deliver more consistent results.

The NPR reporters tested applications applied directly to the head by contact electrodes. This can give inconsistent results depending on placement of the electrods, both positive and negative. While our frequency applications will work with electrodes they are designed for remote transmission which significantly improves safety, effectiveness, and consistenty of results for anyone in any location.

Special forces officers have use our frequency applications to improve results on difficult exams. Recently a researcher learning guitar with 15 minute You Tube videos and stumbling fingers found he could focus for two hours straight with almost perfect finger movements.

When the movie “Limitless” was released in 2011, we began working on frequencies to enhance memory, focus, and intelligence. For several years, experimental frequencies have been tried out by fellow researchers. Some say it is the best work we have ever done with frequencies.

Recently, we worked on getting to the essence of the frequencies producing good results and extracted the core of the program, biofilms that appear to cripple mental function. These frequencies are regularly updated as provable new results become available.

As with all frequencies, researchers should use ones that help and avoid ones that do not. Your mileage may vary with equipment type and mode of treatment.

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